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Brize Spotting

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I'm going to be in Oxford for a week in early May, and seeing as Brize is only 50 min away by the local bus I thought of taking a day trip over there. I had considered going to Heathrow, but that's much more expensive, although I could get many more pictures from Hatton Cross etc. and see exotic types like A380s galore, and fill my logbook/photo cache up. I'll be flying into LHR though, and I can always stay there for a bit the morning I arrive and/or go to the airport early for the trip back across the pond.

Long and the short of it is, what to expect at Brize? I want to go there because it's really the only place in the world (or one of them) where you can see VC-10s and L1011s in action, the end of an era. I have found several spotting guides there, but want to know when the launches/arrivals ususally are - I can't imagine that a refuelling base has a steady stream of traffic all day, and I wouldn't want to waste most of my time just sitting at a dead strip

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what in the name of f*ck is this?

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Uncle Sikee Atric

He's referring to RAF Brize Norton....

You are best checking out the wiki, that's pretty much complete, but the base is a lot quieter than it used to be and serves more for the auxilliary services that support the active wings of the RAF today.

Don't expect to see what you're thinking of seeing.


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is this what the young kids call spam nowadays? back in my day these were adverts for p*rn websites! 

Edited by Titania

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Between Brize and Fairford you get some interesting stuff. Mostly large cargo stuff at Brize and U2 spy planes and B52/1's at Fairford.


Hope you saw something nice.

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