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PS2 copies missing music?

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Hello! Before I first start off this post, I want to state that this is my first post and if I've done something wrong, my bad. Anyways, recently I bought a PlayStation 2 because I haven't had a working one in years and I bought a "new" copy of San Andreas for the PS2 off of amazon. The copy I got was a part of a trilogy set and I didn't think much about it. I remembered a few years back that digital copies of San Andreas(mainly steam and "remastered" versions) had to have an update where the songs with 10 year licenses had to be removed. I thought this wouldn't effect any PS2 copies out there because I would've thought that most(if not all) PS2 copies were printed way before that date. I have played the XBOX version(post hot-coffee patch) of the game which has all the 10 year license music in the game so I was expecting no different from the PS2 version. A few hours into playing, I noticed that the songs that fell victim to being cut in the steam and "remastered" editions of the game would never come on. I didn't think much of it until one point where I just parked in a spot and kept KDS-T on for an hour trying to catch a Tom Petty song that had a 10 year license and it never played(none of the other songs that were cut played, stating this to avoid confusion) but eventually it looped, missing those songs from the station. So I dug out my game manual because I remember how they had a list of the radio stations and the playlist the stations have. Weirdly enough, the game manual doesn't have the songs listed that were cut from the 10 year license. (The songs cut from KDS-T are Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream" and Joe Cockers "Woman to Woman") Weirdly enough, the steam version still has the cut songs on the manual(they probably didn't care enough to update it), and heres a picture of the steam manual picture to prove that I'm not crazy. Sadly, the XBOX copy I bought came used and with no manual so I couldn't compare it to my PS2 trilogy copy, but I would assume it would show the cut music as the steam version does. I don't know if there is a way to find out the time my copy was printed, the only thing I can go off of is that the disk says copyright 2006 but looking at a copy right year isn't always the most reliable a way to tell when something was made. So this is where I have a few questions, were there GTA: The Trilogy disks printed AFTER the music expired and they had to remove the music with the new prints? Did the GTA: The Trilogy always have had the songs removed? Or am I just plain crazy? I don't know, I came here for answers and I want to know what you guys know since I've been googling this for a few days and I couldn't find anything so this is my last option. Side note since I didn't know where to put this in my post: One time when I switched to Radio Los Santos, I caught the end of a song and it switched to N.W.As "Express Yourself" (which was a cut song due to licenses) but it didn't really transition correctly, such as in the station went silent for a few seconds and I went into the middle of the song, then I switched to a different station and switched back instantly and it was at a different song.

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lil weasel

ALL game (GTA San Andreas) produced after 7 November 2014  have the songs cut.

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