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Haircut Glitch/Missing?


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Apologies if this has been brought up already but I’m noticing my male character continually loses his haircut every time I jump on GTAO. I’m always loading in with the close shave with pitch black coloring instead of the hairstyle I’ve had for months.


Female character doesn’t have this issue. 


Is my 5+ year old male character going bald from all the radiation poisoning due to Oppressors and Deluxos exhausts? 

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13 minutes ago, lennymuhboi said:

When this happens I switch to my pogo mask outfit and right back. 


Works everytime.


I assume any mask would work?

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Cigars and chill
29 minutes ago, CaptainMarvel said:


I assume any mask would work?

No just a few ones. I don't remember which. I just always use pogo.

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This happens to me 100% of the time after switching from my female character.


I'm convinced it has something to do with the new outfits, specifically the Pogo outfit and Republican Space Rangers one. If you look carefully through the RSR helmet, you'll notice that your hairstyle is completely removed, leaving that almost bald cut. Another thing that also makes me convinced its those outfits is that when the glitch does occur, upon changing in the Salon, the glitched hairstyle isn't selected at all. Its as if you have no hairstyle equipped.

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Never experienced them after switching back to my character. Maybe because he's intended to have no hair already.
On the opposite, i often get random hair textures around my bald head upon leaving a cutscene. Easy fixing - switch NVG back and forth.

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