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Using Camps (Strategically)


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I posted this over to Reddit but figured this seems like a better place for it:

Got into a gunfight in the Heartlands and ran out of stuff to refill my Deadeye and there was an enemy camp nearby. Here's some things I came up with.

If no ones around, go grab a beer. Don't worry, wash yourself up, eat a snack, refill your deadeye and bounce.

But Let's say someone nearby is heading towards the camp to give you trouble: Rest in front of the CampFire by holding Y/Triangle (The prompt to do so won't come up, seeing as it isn't your campfire) to rest (rest will appear at the bottom right of the screen when you press). The camp may not be yours, but it'll appear to others superficially that you're in the crafting menu, and if it's not their camp theres a chance that they won't realize it isn't yours either (just as long as they don't hit that lockon button). Yes, they are able to kill you, but the second that horse speed triggers into a trot, majority of players will think "Safe-zone" reflexively.

3 dudes from the gunfight were just riding around the camp and hollering insults while I took a bathroom break and got some chips: No one fired a single shot into the camp while I was gone- Came back, shot everyone, rode back to my own camp.

Let's say someone follows you to your own camp and starts talking smack while drinking your beer. Offer them another. Forreal. Tell them to help themselves- hit left on the d-pad and go into the camp menu while they're getting a beer. LOWER THE FLAG, SMOKE THEM, from this point you have 30 seconds to defend your camp before you can raise it again (Which should be plenty enough time with how offguard you just caught them). You can also Lasso them in here while the flag is up.

NOTE: THIS ALSO WORKS AGAINST PARLEY GRIEFERS- If you have 1, 2, 3 or more people who are killing you and Griefing the Parley by ruining your hunts, stomping your carcasses or otherwise, LOWERING THE FLAG WHILE THEY ARE IN YOUR CAMP WILL EFFECTIVELY FORCE-END THE PARLEY: Get them drunk and give them the stomp.

Last but not least, let's say someone pillages you then runs and hides in their camp: Get some distance and scope in, you can still snipe them in their safety.

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I'm having a hard timing understanding the point of all this when you could just switch lobbies and avoid it all. What's the point of PvP if you have to resort to trickery and deception to get a kill?

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U Carmine
22 minutes ago, Faceplant8 said:

I'm having a hard timing understanding the point of all this when you could just switch lobbies and avoid it all. What's the point of PvP if you have to resort to trickery and deception to get a kill?

Yeah, I don't understand this either. Why PvP in free roam for cheap kills.

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