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Someone discovered this bit with Micah and his laugh but no context. Anyone know? People assume it's a glitch.


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Reddit user comment: "First post here. Potential spoilers I guess!

I stumbled across what I'm positive is Micah and someone laughing and finishing a conversation I've stumbled into, or I'm only meant to hear the end of.

I'm in chapter 6, Micah's friends have just shown up. I leave Micah outside the cave and can clearly pick him out at around the 50 second mark, after following Dutch into the cave and breaking a jar accidently, what I think is Micah and someone else laughing loudly/ menacingly and finishing a conversation at the 1 minute 10 seconds mark. But he's to far away for me to have heard that sound clip that clearly, and when I leave the cave he right where I left him at the table.

Not sure if I've stumbled across cut content? At some point was Arthur meant to come across Micah and the pinkertons scheming in the cave, and I've just somehow managed to set the sound off by accident? This is my third play through and I've not had this laugh pop up anywhere else that I can remember in the story.

Probable glitch, but I thought I'd share anyway!"


Video (two different clips): 



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Hmm. this is actually weird? im interested to know about this. I cant wait to see what there could be in the games files.

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Not beta, but I triggered It in the same circunstances. But today I watched this vídeo and saw where It comes from



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On 1/18/2019 at 3:57 PM, DiEgOw_CrAzY said:

Not beta, but I triggered It in the same circunstances. But today I watched this vídeo and saw where It comes from



Debunked! Awesome. God Micah's laugh is real creepy. 

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