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Ghost Ship: REMASTERED [Mission-Pack]


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Ghost Ship continues in A Tale of the Ghosts episodic mission-pack!




(Logo created since 14/01/2019)

Welcome to Ghost Ship REMASTERED. Yep, you got that right. Remastered, not a remake.

I've decided to remaster and improve one of my favorite mission-packs I made 8 years ago. 8 YEARS AGO!!! Holy moly.

I'm giving this mission-pack a beautiful polishing touch. Improving a lot of things, making it look better than it was 8 years ago.

(if you want to see the old topic: go here)


7th DYOM Awards

Nominee for "Most Promising Mission-Pack" and

"Best DYOM Video" Chapter 3 Trailer

gold-medal-dpd.pngWINNER of Best Mission Pack 2019 gold-medal-dpd.png


MA09ZLh.png Get games at a great price and support charity! Or subscribe to a monthly Humble and get games every month! MA09ZLh.png




(click the image to download the missions)


What's New?

  • Removed the PDA.
  • Removed Trophies.
  • Fixed grammar, more dialogue added.
  • Added background music, ambient sounds and other sound effects
  • Re-edited enemies, more variety and more stronger.
  • Chapter 5 re-worked from scratch with new locations and features from DYOM# add-on.
  • New Easter-Eggs! (5 Dancing Lukas locations, a secret easter-egg on Chapter 5)
  • Improved cutscenes, improved atmosphere, new objects.
  • Story a bit changed, more improved.
  • Improved and longer Boss Battles.
  • Added brand new DLC chapter of Tom and Selva.
  • And many more! You'll see for yourself!


1990, San Fierro, San Andreas.

A ship, full of people, deliveries and weapon cargo, had to arrive to San Fierro, suddenly stops nearby.

A heavy rain starts pouring and the San Fierro Police Department are worried that something might have happen.

The Pier 69 tried to contact with them, but... no one answered. The SFPD believes that their long-time enemies have captured the ship and stole the weapons.


Chris White, is sent alone to investigate and evacuate any survivors.

But he has yet to discover... the true horror within the Ghost Ship.




Chris White (View Image)

Type: Protagonist

*Chris White is a special unit officer at the SFPD. He's married to Alessa White. Always wished to make the world a better place, Chris is trained with high skills of survival and is ready to take risks.


Jack Toreno (View Image)

Type: Main Character

*Jack Toreno is the leader of the special units in SFPD, he's Chris' boss. He took the case of the investigating and sinking down the ship that had to bring the Government it's secret weapons.


Alessa White (View Image)

Type: Main Character

*Alessa White is San Fierro private detective, she has contacts with the SFPD. She's married to Chris White.


Nick Jefferson (View Image)

Type: Side Character

*Nick Jefferson is a police officer at the SFPD. He's a very good and loyal friend to Chris and Alessa Whites. He helps Chris to get to the ship and would never betray him.


The Ghost (View Image)

Type: Dead Character

*The Ghost is a sp2320 d5 1c//.c..,., [\] and was +65cc./,p;p[4 test sub454451c51vv and 541c54v62.'][] n[][ow][][st[][][515ck..][]']]']' ']']']'][;'85651';61'6'+-*-* ERROR


Albert Wayne (View Image)

Type: Side Character

*Albert Wayne is a staff worker within the ship and currently stuck in her world and trying his best to survive.


Selva (View Image)

Type: Ghost Character

*Selva is an old lady that worked as a cleaning lady in the living quarters of the ship. She was murdered during the massacre and now is a wondering soul.


Tom (View Image)

Type: Ghost Character

*Tom is a young boy who worked in the cargo hold of the ship. He was murdered during the massacre and now is a wondering soul.




Type: Side Character

*Leo is the main chef cook in the kitchen of the ship. He's a good friend of Tom and plays poker with him sometimes.



Type: Side Character

*Amanda is second in command of the kitchen of the ship. She's a good friend of Tom and Leo and plays poker with them sometimes.



Type: Side Character

*Cindy is a bartender in the cafeteria of the ship. She has a crush on Tom.



Type: Side Character

*Gloria is in charge of all of the staff team members of the ship. She bosses Albert around and everyone and tries to make the ship an easy place to work in.



  • Recommended to play with headphones on.
  • Recommended to use PROFESSIONALKILLERS cheat code.
  • Strongly recommended to use the sound files.
  • Recommended not to use any kind of mods.



(Download) (Full Soundtrack)

(Full Package from Mediafire)

Complete Edition has all the files, includes all chapters and the extra chapter.

It also includes CLASSIC missions from the original Ghost Ship.

It also has the "G.S.R." mission, which is a demo mission for the cancelled project "Ghost Ship Remake"

Complete Edition comes with all the scripts, characters and the full Soundtrack that you may use, it's Royalty Free.


Chapter 1: Investigation Begins

(Download) (Sound Files)

(Lots of thanks to @AnDReJ98 for testing before release)


Chapter 2: A Nightmare

(Download) (Sound Files)


Chapter 3: A Tale of the Ghosts

(Download) (Sound Files)


Chapter 4: The Truth

(Download) (Sound Files)


Final Chapter: For The Better World

(Download) (Sound Files)

(Missions designed with DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ)


Extra Chapter: A Storm is Approaching (DLC)

(Download) (Sound Files)

(Missions designed with DYOM# addon by @SIZZZ)









Throughout your journey in the Ghost Ship, you will notice odd things!

These are Easter-Eggs! Try and find them all!


Green Goo's

Chapter 1

3 - in the mission So It Begins

5 - in the mission Within The Ship

4 - in the mission Her World

Chapter 2

1 - in the mission Trapped in a Nightmare

2 - in the mission Living Quarters

Chapter 3

2 - in the mission Access Code

2 - in the mission Laboratories

2 - in the mission Nemesis

Chapter 4

3 - in the mission Story Unfinished

Chapter 5

5 - in the mission On The Move

4 - in the mission The Tower


Flying Chairs

Chapter 2

3 - in the mission Trapped in a Nightmare

2 - in the mission Living Quarters

Chapter 3

2 - in the mission Access Code

1 - in the mission Laboratories

4 - in the mission Nemesis


Dancing Lukas

There's always a one dancing Lukas in each chapter.

Try looking for "Big Smoke" skin character dancing in these missions:

Strange Portals

The Way Back

Military Level

Story Unfinished

The Tower


The Secret Final Easter Egg

In the final chapter, mission The Tower,

try looking around the haunted city of San Fierro for a friendly Ghost after jumping off the crane.

She will lead you to the final secret easter egg.




  • 13 Jan 2019 - Chapter 1 fully remastered and sounds added, work began on Chapter 2.
    • Introduction and First Step missions combined into one - Introduction
      • Cutscenes improved, new dialogue added, old dialogues changed, music intro added.
    • It Begins mission title changed into So It Begins
      • Cutscenes improved, added moving objects. More spooky stuff added.
    • Ship's Nightmare mission title changed into Within The Ship
      • Cutscenes improved, added moving objects. "Ghost" enemies now have new effects added whenever they appear.
    • Strange Portals cutscenes improved. New effects added to "portals".
      • More portaling sequences added, with minor puzzles.
    • Her World mission dialogue improved, fixed. Added more enemies at the end.
      • More objectives added. A sequences of "NEXT TIME on Ghost Ship" added at the end of the chapter.
  • 14 Jan 2019 - Logos and Chapter 1 trailer created.
  • 15 Jan 2019 - Chapter 1 released, topic created.
  • 18 Jan 2019 - Chapter 2 Intro mission completed, took 15-20 times of testing to get the music right.
    • A New Challenge created! Find the Dancing Lukas challenge in Strange Portals.
  • 5 Feb 2019 - Chapter 2 completely remastered, started working on adding sounds to the missions and polishing more stuff and will begin testing.
    • Challenge cancelled due to lack of player participation.
  • 6 Feb 2019 - Chapter 2 released, banners created and trailer launched.
    • Welcome to my world has a "Previously in Ghost Ship" intro.
      • The mission is a bit more longer now with a sequence showing more action with music playing.
    • Mission Trapped title changed to "Trapped in a Nightmare"
      • Extended the length of the mission by adding more portaling sequences. Enemies now fight each other and you.
    • Through The Crew Apartments title changed to "Living Quarters"
      • Extended the length of the mission by adding more "investigation" parts.
    • Way Back title changed to The Way Back
      • The minigun enemy part has been changed a bit. Added a part where you can enjoy with the minigun yourself.
    • Finding That Man title changed to Any Survivors?
      • Added more player animations, fixed grammar.
    • Through The Portals title changed to Her Hunt Begins
      • Extended the length of the mission by adding more portaling and a sequence where the ghost takes control of the player and he must skip cutscenes to save himself.
      • A sequence of "NEXT TIME on Ghost Ship" added.
  • 10 Feb 2019 - Chapter 3 remastering work began, finished fixing grammar. Analyzing missions, looking for soundtracks.
  • 15 Feb 2019 - Remastering begun on Chapter 3, extending short missions, making them longer and adding more objectives and cutscenes.
  • 16 Feb 2019 - Chapter 3 completely remastered, adding sounds and easter eggs.
  • 17 Feb 2019 - Chapter 3 released, banners created and trailer launched.
    • Conversation has a "Previously in Ghost Ship" intro.
      • The mission is a bit more longer now with an introduction sequence.
    • Continue the Search title changed to "Military Level
      • Added more cutscenes, more objects and improved the dialogue between Chris and Albert.
    • Searching for the Code title changed to "Access Code"
      • Extended the length of the mission by adding more objectives, new areas of the Ship, a lot more longer mission, added more player interactive animations.
    • The Hive title changed to "Laboratories"
      • More enemies added, new cutscenes. Extended the mission by combining it with mission "Memories". Added the skip the cutscenes sequence.
    • In Her Memeories title changed to "Memories", but then the whole mission was combined with the mission "Laboratories"
    • Her Dreams are Over title changed to "Nemesis"
      • Added more cutscenes, flashbacks of what happened in the labs, added more enemies.
    • Battle for Freedom title changed to "This Ends Here"
      • Kept the old boss battle there, improved it a bit, extended the boss battle in her dimension with avoiding objects that are sent by her. Improved the cutscenes.
      • A sequence of NEXT TIME on Ghost Ship" added.
  • 1 Mar 2019 - Chapter 4 remastering work began.
  • 9 Mar 2019 - Chapter 4 completely remastered, adding soundtrack and easter-eggs.
  • 10 Mar 2019 - Chapter 4 released, banners created and trailer launched.
    • The Plan mission has a "Previously in Ghost Ship" intro
      • The mission is a bit longer with new added dialogue and introduction sequence.
    • Betrayed mission title changed to "Massacre", also combined with the mission "Flashback".
      • Mission is a lot more longer with the flashback sequence.
      • Introduced a new place - the kitchen the diner.
    • Back From Dreams mission title changed to "Story Unfinished"
      • Mission is a lot more longer with trying to escape the city.
      • Changed the player, from now on Chris will always be in his SWAT uniform.
    • Reunited with Her mission title changed to "Teaming Up"
      • A bit re-edited to fit the previous interiors.
    • NEW MISSION added "Private Investigation", where you play as Alessa suspecting Toreno.
      • A stealth mission requiring you to not get spotted within the SF Police Department.
    • Last Chance mission a bit more longer with NEXT TIME on Ghost Ship sequence.
      • Boss fights matched to previous boss fights, effects added and more stronger.
  • 14 Mar 2019 to April 30 - a break was taken due to life changes.
  • May 1 2019 - Chapter 5 remastering work began.
  • May 9 2019 - Chapter 5's new re-worked missions are almost finished, final boss fight half-remastered.
  • May 10 2019 - Chapter 5 completed, adding sound files, fully remastered and released, trailer launched.
    • Completely re-worked chapter.
    • "Preparing for War" mission title has changed to "Preperations"
      • The mission has been re-worked from scratch, with Nick added as he dies in the original Chapter 4.
      • Unlike in previous chapters, this "introduction" mission is playable.
      • Instead of cutscenes, a playable sequence with music and credits is available with lots of action.
      • Unlike in previous chapters, this "introduction" no longer has "Previously in Ghost Ship" sequence
    • "Way To Toreno" mission title changed to "On The Move"
      • The mission has been re-worked from scratch, no more Chris riding a big van and shooting two military helicopters.
      • The mission takes place in the city and lets the player explore the haunted city.
      • This mission lets the player choose his own path and even find certain keycards very early.
    • "Doing Good Work For Once" mission title changed to "The Tower"
      • The mission has been re-worked from scratch, no more stupid helicopter boss battle.
      • Instead of having that boss battle with Toreno, you get to explore the city on the rooftops.
      • Instead of Nick dying in Chapter 4, he now dies in this mission and in a more painful way.
      • You also get to explore a little bit of the inside of the tower and have a different and more realistic boss battle with Toreno.
      • This is the longest mission of the whole chapter, as you get to explore the city, go through interiors and explore the tower.
      • This mission has a special easter egg where the player has to follow signs from the Ghost that would lead to every character dancing.
    • "It All Ends" mission keeps the original title.
      • Unlike the previous missions, this one actually stays with the original and is a bit remastered.
      • The final boss battle has been improved and made a bit more longer with new DYOM features.
      • The final boss battle has been hardened a bit and requires the player to rush things.
    • Epilogue mission has been added to the chapter, concluding the whole mission-pack.
      • In the original, the conclusion was added right after the boss battle in "It All Ends"
      • Unlike the original, in the Epilogue it shows what happened to "A Tale of the Ghosts" book and shows a potential sequel tease.
      • Unlike the original, in the Epilogue it reveals what happened to Chris White after 24 years.
  • May 16 2019 - Topic re-edited. Removed Nightmare Mode as it has been canceled due to lack of time. Work began on the Extra Chapter DLC.
    • Information updated, added 7th DYOM Awards nomination, information about Complete Edition added.
  • May 30 2019 - Extra Chapter - A Storm is Approaching completed, banners created. Work began on Complete Edition.
    • A complete new chapter.
    • New Characters added from the Extra Chapter.
    • Mission "Evil Within" added.
      • This mission works as a playable introduction mission where the player can explore the ship before it becomes a Ghost Ship.
      • You take control of Tom who works in the cargo hold and has to tune in for the day.
      • You get to witness Albert who is an undercover staff worker ready to pull off the heist.
    • Mission "The Storm" added.
      • This mission works as a stealth mission where the player has to avoid contact with the enemies, just like Alessa's mission in Chapter 4.
      • You witness the massacre within the ship that murders everybody on board.
      • You get to explore some new areas like the ship's kitchen and the restaurant.
    • Mission "No Escape" added.
      • This mission works as a playable epilogue mission.
      • You witness the death of Tom and what happened to all of the bodies on board.
      • You also take control of "Her" and get to use her powers against the terrorists.
  • May 31 2019 - COMPLETE EDITION released, trailer uploaded.


Ghost Ship: REMASTERED is fully done. Goodbye.







If you want to get like 4-5 games for the price of $1 and support charity and maybe even me, click the image above!



Support my work by checking these links out


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The original "Ghost Ship" will always be in my personal Top 3 when it comes to leoncj's projects, along with Episodes From Las Venturas and San Andreas Stories. Not only is it a good project on a technical level, it is also the first *real*, competent horror project made in DYOM that paved the way for numerous other designers. When news about the remaster initially broke, I was excited. We all know Lukas' designing level - he may not be the bestest ever, but his projects always win the crowd over.


"Ghost Ship: REMASTERED" is yet another win for leoncj in my books. If you remember and like the original work, you have to play this, it's an improvement in every aspect. We can see new features, such as moving cutscenes and objects, used as an upgrade over the original; mapping is improved; the atmosphere is still spooky and thrilling; the writing is improved; but of course the main talking point is the inclusion of sounds. The only thing that I don't agree with is the 'main theme' choice, which I feel doesn't fit the mood at all. Other than that, I like this very much. Hopefully, Lukas, you will finish this one (*cough*EFLV Remake*cough*).


Not giving this a rating for now.

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sh*t. Man, if you can force yourself to release something, so should I then.


Anyhow, will play this sometime soon, perhaps a video review of something.

BTW coming back to Kaunas tommorow. Beers???

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In a way, playing this was a nostalgia trip for me. One of the most legendary horror projects that I have played, and this remastered version was just a huge improvement (normally) compared to the first one. New DYOM features really made it look more alive and gave it a ''creepy'' atmosphere. Moving objects and effects was just what this project needed.. and let's not forget the main thing, the soundtrack. The sound effects/soundtracks play main role in atmosphere when it comes to DYOM missions nowadays and this is not an exception. The soundtrack is awesome with all these scary horror sound effects that occur from time to time. It really makes you feel lost, along with new DYOM effects that just fulfill the creepy atmosphere even more. Of course, dialogues, objectives and the rest of details were also improved over the original MP. One of the things I liked the most from this mp was that 'portal' located in SA's interior dimension, made up with objects in the grey sky. All these sudden disappearances and appearances of objects, actors and scary sound effects in the area made it feel really awesome. Whether you are a fan of horror or not, you should try this MP out which I guarantee will give you some kind of 'satisfaction' feeling, plus it's rare for projects like this one to be found in the missions showroom nowadays.


Waiting for the the next chapter.

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Brilliant. Really makes you appreciate the newest DYOM version even more. Projects like this show it best. DYOM 8.1 makes this mission pack at least 50% better than the original and the original version was already one of my favorite mission packs back in the day, so that is saying something. Good luck with the next chapter. :colgate:

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Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback! Means a lot to me!

Was worried the remaster version wouldn't do good, but with this feedback it keeps me going! :)



(Available from Jan 18 2019 to Jan 25 2019)


Be the quickest player to find the Dancing Lukas easter-egg in the mission: Strange Portals!

Share your best time here in the forums to compete with other players! (Screenshot)

Try and beat mine ;)



While working on Chapter 2, which is going great, got lots of ideas I wanna add to the missions, ideas that were impossible to even think of back in the days. Just finished working on the Intro mission which took me a lot of retries and tests to perfectly place the music. Anyways! While working on Chapter 2, try a little challenge and show off your best time here in this topic and I will add you to the Top 3 players. Who's gonna be number 1? (be sure to skip cutscenes, they ain't on your side)

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  • 3 weeks later...


I just played both chapters. They're awesome, and I'm hungry for more. The way you built the ghost world is simply jaw-dropping, and sudden appearances and disappearances of actors and objects made it all the more appealing and made it stick true to the wider theme of horror. Loved the missions so much.
Keep 'em coming! Bring it on!
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I'm not a pro in reviewing so all I can say is, your Mission Pack can't be underestimated... magnanimous, real magnanimous! Story & the plot, sound effects they're all are perfect made! The gameplay was exciting! I learnt a lot of things of your master piece Mission Pack, I even played both chapters consecutively and waiting for more! I really enjoyed the plot, and the gameplay you made fits to be horror, good work! In some places the environment of the game was a little empty, if you place more object and make it creative that'll be great! For me, this Mission Pack is the best horror mission pack ever in DYOM, keep it up! :^:

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Wonderful, unique and exciting, didnt expect any less. Yet the lack of reviews kinda puts things of how DYOM is at the moment in proper perspective.

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I will always cherish the reviews/feedback from 8 Years ago.


And I will cherish the ones you give me now, so thank you to everyone who have played Chapter 1 and 2.

@Rytuklis @Jack Muller @RithRake24 @AnDReJ98 @Jimmy_Leppard @SatournFan !


This is why I am remastering this project, instead of remaking it from scratch. I want old DYOMers to revisit one of the best horror MPs I made in 2011 and NEW DYOMers to experience the MP in a new polished and better version.

I haven't dug into to the other chapters yet, but if I remember correctly, I had some crazy-ass boss fights made that were, according to the reviews, hard as hell.

I will try and keep some of the aspects of the bosses the same, but also edit them and make them more unique with the new DYOM features.


So stay tuned, everyone! ❤️

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it seems that you are back to your normal form again, well that's what i really like from you

also, i am a survival horror fan, so expect me to really play this because i am heavily introduced to survival horror by silent hill games.


good luck on other projects

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It makes you feel like you're on a ghost ship.


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This mission pack really makes you feel like Spiderman every step of the way. 0/10. 




am playing it now ill let u know what i think :) 

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Just played Chapter 3, man. Just amazing:



Loved the ghost's flashbacks, you really start to feel that she's kind of innocent and stuff. The fights were really hard but epic. Those spray-can actors were so annoying, but they were quite necessary in my opinion, as without them the fights would have been too easy and definitely less memorable. The flashback sequence and the "ride" that the "Ghost" takes Chris on is done so cinematically and is very aesthetically pleasing.


And, by the way, Albert is the biggest effing dog.


By this time, you've got me, the player, feeling quite claustrophobic and trapped in the ship. The few scenes that take us out into the Verdant Meadows airfield really made me want Chris to return to the real human world, to what he (and I) is familiar with.

Also, the randomly appearing Ghost actors? Absolutely mind-blowing, brilliant idea.


Normal shooting missions can tend to be tedious so if you fail them once, you don't feel like playing them again since you have to play the first part of the mission again which you did pass. However that's not the case with your missions: The world is built so beautifully, the fight sequences are crafted so creatively, and the premise is so absolutely gripping that you definitely have to keep playing. There's always something new and unexpected in every chapter. It's kind of sad you don't generally see such creativity nowadays with other projects.


Thanks a lot for your remaster, @leoncj. Waiting for whatever you can throw at me next.  

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I see other chapters to download it. So, i can give you my review when i have the time. I hope it's a good MP to play and fun.


school takes my life

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34 minutes ago, RyanAB said:

I see other chapters to download it. So, i can give you my review when i have the time. I hope it's a good MP to play and fun.



  Reveal hidden contents

school takes my life


Oh boy, just wait till you try it. It will take your breath away, guaranteed, man. This is such a legendary MP.

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1 hour ago, RithRake24 said:

Oh boy, just wait till you try it. It will take your breath away, guaranteed, man. This is such a legendary MP.

I hope you are right but i think do tomorrow.

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I have played chapter 2 and chapter 3. Basically, it was almost all what I was expecting it to be. Although some missions 'feel' short, looking at their statistics proved me wrong, most of the missions use greater part of DYOM's capacity which I have already expected but I still hoped for some more effects. Effects is the most significant thing when it comes to a horror mp in my opinion because it's all DYOM ever needed to make a mp like this look really atmospheric. I will still have to commend you for that one though, and for objects too even though some objects were static which I didn't like since they could've been movable as well. For example, when you need to open a door with keypad, after entering the code, door disappears which is really lame. It's a remaster project with V8 dammit and you acted like it was still V6, very lame. You may consider this as a minor con but it really bothered me despite being as minor as it seems, the same thing goes to elevator. Although you explained to me 'why' it couldn't be done, i'm pretty sure you could've moved things here and there and put the actual working elevator instead of using teleport objective. I have encountered similar things here and there but let's just skip to the main part of the deal.


Despite these 'minor' cons, atmosphere is generally very well done. Sometimes you forgot to put weather back to that black sky (or you didn't intend to?) but overall, these few effects that you've used including great usage of objects made it really feel like you are in some other world, a paranormal world I especially liked improvisations and difficulty such as when you need to press 'space' to prevent main character from falling down when she tries to 'break' him from the inside inside her world, or how you had to dodge moving walls/barriers when trying to catch up to her to beat her down. Then, actor's variety is purely awesome, from baseball bats to high accuracy guns and the most overpowered weapon, spray can. They even caught me off guard few times and I failed. I must say I really liked these details, it's a part of what makes this MP unique. A horde of enemies going towards you can't be compared to (for example) your mission pack survivors. Even though it's also one of your legendary MPs, gameplay was barely nothing than shooting hordes of zombies, while here, it's actually really interesting as you have a point that you must reach and fighting a horde ain't a main objective rather than just an add on that will make your difficulty harder. That's one of the reasons I really liked varied weapons within enemies's hands and that certainly included spray can, plus you are open to improvisation on how you want to defeat/avoid them.


Story is classic, liked it for the first time 8 years ago, and I still like it. Every mission feels special and progresses a lot, it's way to far from being boring and it makes you feel that you mustn't skip a single mission. Not many mps can achieve this. And since the most interesting 'story' part is coming in the next chapters, I guess i could leave it for then, especially the development of the characters that we have recently met. Oh and another 'minor' stuff that bothered me was CJ. I really don't like when somebody uses CJ (especially in his white tanktop and blue jeans default clothes since it can't be changed in DYOM). It looks way too weird and I wouldn't recommend it any time. I mean, besides all the characters that DYOM has, you chose CJ? Really? It kinda f*cked up my vibe, but it's just me haha.


Oh and finally since the beginning of the MP, all we did was running around the ship like dogs, well now it's finally time to see what is right and what is wrong and start going towards the real justice. Looking forward to see the ending.


P.S: Forgot to mention. While presentation is mostly good, please stop using moving cutscene going through objects. It looks really bad and amateurish. I pretty sure you can re-direct the cutscene so it does not go through an object.

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@AnDReJ98 CJ’s skin for Tom worked me up at first too. But soon enough he became quite believable as the “young boy who survived”, due to his skin appearing much smaller, thinner and therefore younger than most other skins you can find in DYOM...


I remember reading somewhere that AnDReJ98 said that he rarely gets the time to go on his PC nowadays and play DYOM. At least @leoncj managed to get him to power up his PC once more...



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Yeah, well I've been playing a lot of missions this week, and I'm planning to play more.. And of course, give feedback.


Then I will probably disappear again cuz exams.

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1 hour ago, AnDReJ98 said:

Yeah, well I've been playing a lot of missions this week, and I'm planning to play more.. And of course, give feedback.


Then I will probably disappear again cuz exams.

Well that’s good!


EDIT: Anyway good luck for your future exams.

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Alan Eastwood

After a while I downloaded San Andreas again to play the remastered version of Ghost Ship. I played a bit of the original version but I never got to finish it. As for my experience with the mission pack, it was fun. I agree with the others, the missions could have been a little longer, I think I managed to pass each mission in less than 10 minutes. What surprised me enough was how you managed to create an external world and the objects were used expectocularly. The fight with the ghost has impressed me a lot, I loved how you used objects in the fight as a weapon. I will continue waiting for the remaining chapters, meanwhile, good luck, buddy!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spellbinding trailer once again. You've got a talent for this sort of thing. I'll play as soon as I can!

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On 3/11/2019 at 3:34 AM, RithRake24 said:

Spellbinding trailer once again. You've got a talent for this sort of thing. I'll play as soon as I can!

Thank you! ❤️

A little update, so I'll be releasing the EXTRA chapter first, before releasing the finale. Now the extra chapter will tell the story from Tom's perspective of what really happened in Ghost Ship.
As for the final chapter, I had a look into it and Jesus Chris almighty - that chapter in the original is a cringe-festival and short as my future.

I'll have to RE-WORK the WHOLE chapter, well except for the last mission as it was a very epic boss battle that I'm going to leave as it is, maybe improve it a bit and make it longer.
So stay tuned, because this is coming to an end and these two last chapters are going to be short so I'll be releasing them soon!

Oh and let's remember the original trailers that I had 8 years ago




And I used to be proud of these trailers 8 years ago! :D  (There's no sound in some points due to copyrighted music I used)

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Played Chapter 4. I'm just so curious to see what Albert's up to at the top of the building...

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