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Just need people to run heists with


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Whats good everyone,


I'm getting tired of waiting forever to do setups and heists with randoms. I have a mic and I wear heist armor. I just need some chill people who won't ragequit if one little thing goes wrong. Just add me: A_from_the_Mile. 

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I have a mic. If you play on hard with saved heavy combat gear, add me with the subject "Heist": ALLWORLD19

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Add me "TheFirstONeill" on PSN. I have a mic and I wear heist armor, I tend to grind at the moment as I cant find stable,reliable heist-mates.

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Lil Handgrenade

Add me xxLilHandGrenade

I need to complete most of them myself for the unlocks & 1st time bonuses. Will b glad to help

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I'm interested in doing some hiest as i haven't done any in quite a while, and haven't done the doomsday hiest at all. I do have a mic and armour. Brooknam2014 on PS4.

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Feel free to add me:  bleonard1996ps


Done every heist setup and finale of the original five and done them in every role possible.


I have a mic, but if it's at night I may not talk much, due to others sleeping, but can listen fine.


Want to find a crew in the not-too-distant future to do Criminal Mastermind with, as that's pretty much all I haven't yet done with the original 5 heists, but have no problems doing random setups/finales in the meantime.

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Urban Legends

You can add me aswell. It's been really rough trying to make it through the 3rd heist I think. Been taking close to 15 minutes for me to get a few other people to join and then they quit the mission.. I think this happened 4 times yesterday..each time wasting like 20 minutes of my time. Very depressing!

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Adding both of you!


BLeonard sounds good! I'd be down to do Criminal Mastermind as well.


Urban I'm on the same heist and I get the same frustrations. Just need to deliver the EMP

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Add me. I have Act 2 doomsday ready to go and can help with others. I have a mic and very mature.


PSN is thegamingmanatee

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