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[SA] Madness Arsenal


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Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! this time, inspired by modders like Millenia (aka GTANemesis), Crowz616 & Ezekiel (aka Joshua Harlow), decided to make my own weapon collection with a fancy name and design!




-Most of the models are from P3DM.ruGameBanana.com & DeviantArt.com so the credits will be for the respective rippers & modelers, there are also some models made or ripped by me and finally, a few ones made by others.

-If you want to share any of my stuff I encourage you to use my provided download links instead of a mirror, by doing that you will help me to keep developing my mods but also the rest of my stuff and to continue with my many projects.

-Please avoid quoting entire posts, use the mention system instead.

-Feedback is key for modders so please let me know of every bug and problem you find in my mods, even grammar errors.


-Modloader by @LINK/2012


Sneak Peek!

A few weapons as example of the collection.


General Electric M-134


*Updated!* [v1.1.0]



Benelli M4





Colt M16a2





Winchester Model 1873

"The gun that won the west"

*Updated!* [v1.2.0]



More to come!



As you probably may know, Normalmaps by DK seems to be causing issues in the game, mostly because of its unfinished state, so, from now on, this weapon collection won't be using it. Every released model will be updated to this decision.

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Small tweaks.
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Reserved ;)

Edited by Mysterdogg
Every collection is expected to be posted here.
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Hi, @santosvagos! I'm taking a break from my projects due to real-life stuff but hopefully someday/soon I'll be retaking this tedious-making mod😅


I would like to find a way to avoid the dependence of Modloader to play with the multiple variants though. There are also some features and possible complementary mods I would like to implement. 


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new info!
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Sneak Peek #2!

I recently started testing some ideas and as a preview of what's coming I've decided to share some of the weapons I used for those tests.

Daewoo USAS-12

"M16 on Stereoids"



(Click on the image to download).

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