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[SA] Madness Arsenal - Biggest Weapon Collection!

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Hey everyone, Mysterdogg here! this time, inspired by modders like Millenia (aka GTANemesis), Crowz616 & Ezekiel (aka Joshua Harlow), have decided to make my own weapon "pack" with a fancy name and design. I've already made some small weapon packs but nothing like this before so I'm really excited about the result and possible impact in modding! 




-Normalmaps it's a requirement for using any of those weapons. If you don't like that mod or simply can't use it, please avoid this collection, without it, the weapons will look plain & unrealistic.


-Modloader it's also a must-have since most of the weapons have multiple variants and/or designs, so the best way to enjoy the mod is by simply using it.


-Most of the models are from P3DM.ruGameBanana.com & DeviantArt.com so the credits will be for the respective rippers & modelers, there are also some models made or ripped by me and finally, a few made by others.


-The weapons will be divided into three groups: "lore-friendly", "Until 1992" & "After 1992".


-Normapmaps by @DK22Pac.

-Modloader by @LINK/2012.



Find download link mirrors of every released weapon in my GTAinside page!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!



General Electric M-134 "Minigun"

(three variants included).


Benelli M4 "M1014"

(three variants included).


Colt M16a2 "M16"

(Fourteen variants included).


Winchester 1873

(One variant included)






Edited by Mysterdogg
Minor changes in the topic.

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Dedicated pack for those who love HD & HQ mods but hate when are non-lore-friendly. A single pack with the real-life counterpart of the main fire & melee weapons of the game. Excludes gifts, misc weapons & explosives.



Coming soon!

Edited by Mysterdogg

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