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Worst and Best Mission in GTA Vice city with Opinion? Please :D


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So, Guys, Can you tell me which one of the mission is worst and Which one is Best Mission in GTA Vice City :D With Opinion..

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Algonquin Assassin

Phnom Penh 86 is my personal favourite. I love on rails, ridding shogun missions and this ranks right at the top.


As for worst? Hard to pick because this game has so many great missions, but for the sake of the thread I'd probably choose Back Alley Brawl due to Vice City's wonky melee mechanics. 

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1 hour ago, Miamivicecity said:

I'd probably choose Back Alley Brawl due to Vice City's wonky melee mechanics.

Alternatively there is the option to drive over the chef.


My favorite mission is probably "Sir, Yes Sir!", I like how there are multiple approaches to steal the tank.

Least favorite: "Distribution" if that counts. Doing the same thing with the Mr Whoopie 50 times is boring.

Edited by perennial
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Best: The Job and Rub Out.

Worst: Distribution The most boring mission in the game and even worst part is you can get busted by the cops if youre not careful.

          Also Dildo Dodo F*ck that mission.

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Algonquin Assassin
12 hours ago, perennial said:

Alternatively there is the option to drive over the chef.

Yeah, but it's kinda silly because the cutscene still shows Tommy like he's just been in a fight.

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I never understood how people find Dildo dido hard. Anyways


Best:The Job


Worst:Selling 50 ice creams. Boring af. 

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Hog tied and Guardian Angels are really good, but I guess they are not my favorite missions. There are a lot so I can´t choose

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So many things have been already said about Vice City missions. Most of them are really entertaining, building up the story and the unique atmosphere (of course together with the soundtrack, neon lights and the rest of 80s attributes). This is why I can't simply point out my most favourite one. However, one of them drives me insane anytime I try to accomplish it. It's 'Demolition Man'. Hell, I hate it. God knows how many times I would have passed VC so far if it had not been for this sh*t. Honestly, I wonder how come no one has mentioned it here so far.


BTW, my favourite part of VC are Rampages, not sure if they count as 'missions', though.

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Best = Publicity Tour, its the only mission that didn't piss me off


Worst = Shakedown, why the f*ck did you only give me 5 f*cking minutes

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The Chase is probably my favorite mission if you count doing the speedrun strat for it.


I have a huge dislike for Umberto's missions though, I'm not sure why

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Best: The Job. Just an awesome robbery scene. One of the few robbery missions I enjoyed and IV's scene is up there too.


As for worst I have a few on my mind but I'm definitely going to go with The Driver. Back in the days when YouTube still wasn't a thing in 2002-03 I had no guide on how in the hell I could pass this irritating mission besides taking some tips from Neogaf back in '02. To be honest I was stuck for weeks on this damn mission and even kept playing gta 3 instead while figuring out how to pass it, lol. I remember my friend and I just kept failing this sh*t over and over until we finally came up with a solution and finally passed it after tries beyond me to even remember at the time. I never understood what was the point of this mission since hillary freaking dies anyway while Tommy and the rest of the team escape. It's like R* just threw it in there for no reason.

Edited by Big_Smiley
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Best: Umberto's missions (excluding the first). Cannon Fodder, Naval Engagement and Trojan Voodoo are some of the most action packed and fun to play missions in the game. The foes are one only gang in VC with attitude (to know what I mean ask SA). Just awesome  fighting a legit gang war (we need reinforcement from the cafe!!) + stealing the van, engaging in water shootout + over coming the 4 star wanted level with the health and ammo left and then disguising with a voodoo + bombing up the Haitian drug factory. This is what GTA is and should be about!


Worst: Demolition Man, today I can pass this mission in first try. But when I first got the game in 2004, I had no idea its not needed for actual storyline. controlling the RC is bad enough, avoiding all the obstacles and narrow paths in VC. then avoiding the hammers and even worse the DBPs shooting. And I hate any mission with time limit (9even though this one at least has ok time , unlike say the pcj playground thing , but I only consider a mission which is named in your save file as one. Demolition Man just sucks , a waste of time, and doesnt have any action feel like the game is supposed to have excluding the part of watching the building blow. Finally finished the mission after months, longer than any mission I ever played. Sadly to unlock the awesome Cuban missions and to complete the game 100 %, both of which I did, you just have to do it. I will never forgive the amount of time and effort of my life this one particular mission wasted.


Edited by wfank
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Best: Publicity Tour, closely followed by Cop Land. Publicity Tour has perhaps the best dialogue in the whole game, and is also really fun. Cop Land, on the othe hand, is really climatic (although that backstabbing prick keeps getting killed, it's usually easier to just ditch him and go to P'n'S).

Worst: Distribution. Grindy gameplay before GTAO was even a thing, and also insta-failed (for some reason) if a gang member takes you out of the car (ok, Always Go Downtown, as the song says, but it wasn't that clear first couple of times), also danger of getting busted by the police, and not much exciting to make up for it.

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  • 11 months later...

Best Mission: Naval Engagement, I like those kind of missions where you have to ambush bunch of gangster's and then escaping from swat. 


Worst Mission: Publicity Tour, It took over 5 tries just to get to Vice Port, The Vehicle Is very heavy even when I go to left or right It is still heavy.



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  • 4 months later...

Loose Ends was the best mission.

Distribution was probably the worst mission. Selling 50 "ice creams" is just no fun when I could be blowing stuff up in a Hunter.

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Honestly Distribution isn't that bad of a mission, yeah it's grindy but all you gotta do is park up outside the docks (or any other) Pay N Spray, sell the products then when you get a wanted level get a respray and continue - all in all it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.


Now the import export garage, f*ck that sh*t. Always seems like the minute you set out to collect those vehicles, they never f*cking spawn.


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Best mission: The Job.
I loved that you needed to assemble a squad to plan a bank robbing.

Worst mission: The Driver.
Unfortunately one of the steps was challenging a fat f*cker with a Sabre Turbo in an illegal race,
While you get a Sentinel.
With cops kamikazing into you.

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Best: Hard to choose, I can narrow it down to 2 but deciding between Cop Land and Rub Out is difficult. I guess I would go with Rub Out.


Worst: Tough one as well but for my money the worst mission is Messing with the Man.


I could say The Driver but the only difficult part is that you can easily take a wrong turn around The Pole Position Club (if I remember right) and give a huge advantage to Hillary. Once you know the route it isn't difficult. Honorable mentions that compete for the worst mission are Stunt Boat Challenge (just because it doesn't make sense storylinewise) and All Hands on Deck.


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Best: Demolition man.



The best for real this time: Sir! yes!Sir!.

*in my opinion I think this mission is the best because of the multiple choices and ways you could steal the tank.


Worst: Love juice!

Just sucks ass that's all i am gonna say.

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