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Micah's hidden agenda

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While it's obvious that Micah had a hidden agenda prior to joining the gang, the agenda itself is hard to guess, did he want the bounty money for Dutch, his camp next strawberry seems to point to that with a bounty poster you can find there, was he interested in ferry money and he needed the gang to pull it off so he tracked down Dutch and the gang


What are everyones thoughts on this



Edited by Corndawg93

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I feel like Micah's goal was just to wreck as much sh*t as humanely possible. John says : "We all do bad things, but he seems to enjoy it now!" talking about Dutch's lust for violence and chaos, which is surely a personality trait that was dug up by Micah over the course of the game.

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Micah just wanted to live as an outlaw.  He loved the action, and he thought that he would get plenty by joining the Va Der Linde gang.  

His plans for the Blackwater money would have only developed after he realised that the gang had plans to escape the outlaw life and settle down somewhere.  If Dutch and the rest of the gang had shown a long term commitment to the outlaw lifestyle, Micah probably would have been happy to go with the flow and not create the division that he did.

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I think it’s as simple as out and out personal gain regardless of the opportunity for him and cost to anyone else.


He talks to Arthur about the gang being “too big” and suggesting the should cut down the numbers. For me it’s clealry a ploy for him to get a bigger share of the gangs stash, which temporarily at least he succeeds in doing.

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Cutter De Blanc

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

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