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GTA O "Important catalog data not syncing" please help.


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So ill start from the beginning. I was helping my friends do the prison break heist, then when we completed it we got put into a lobby and we started to just mess around for a couple hours. After a while, out of nowhere a hacker/modder started to mess with people. Then out of nowhere the modder put everyone in the lobby into a bad sport lobby for 2 days (didn't know modders could even do that.) My friends included, so we all kinda freaked and everyone in the lobby was freaking out and didn't know what was going on. So I played in that bad sport lobby with my friends for probably a hour or so, then i got offline and shut down my pc. So fast forward 2 days later (I haven't played) I am out of the bad sport lobby. But when I go to load up online mode I get a error message along "Important catalogue data could not sync." I have never got this error before so I continued trying to join, no luck. So I googled fixes and tried EVERYTHING I could find. Things I tried were, messing with inbound rules on firewall settings, turning off firewall, turning off anti virus programs, deleting certain files, reinstalling social club, verifying game cache, and I even uninstalled the entire game and all its folders and files and reinstalled it. None worked. So now its been 6 days and I still can't play GTA V online. I can join the way of going to join crew members and then join gta v online session and I can get into another game with other people, but I don't have my cars, bikes, or basically anything, and I can't buy anything. Also just to add, when I get the error I am getting, it pops up with the little orange loading symbol in the bottom right corner. I will respond to questions and solutions as soon as I can. I just want to play GTA online, PLEASE help, thanks.

Just wanted to add, here is the error I am getting, and figured i'd say, I DID contact R* support and they have been no help of course.


GTA O Error

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