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Life's a Beach help? [V1 Hoodlum]



Hey guys, I just started a clean save file thing, because my other one was corrupted. now I got trouble with passing the mission life's a beach where you need to dance. it's like the keys register way too late or too early, even though it's in the circle. and the second arrow doesn't even get registered by the game, it's like it needs some pauses to register? I tried with frame limiter off, and on. (default is on) but no matter what I try, I keep failing the mission.

I use V1.0, tried to load the save on a game with V2.0 but that didn't load the game at all, so i can't check on a different computer. I can try a HOODLUM exe but i don't think it will be supported.


dunno if it helps.. but the V1.0 I use right now is downloaded, it has a hoodlum.exe that is v1.0. I also used a downgrader to install asi loader and silent patch. Don't know if it's in the wrong section, and if it is i'm sorry. don't be too hard on me for putting it in the wrong section.


Edited by lil weasel

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lil weasel

First:  Ensure that the Frame Limiter is ON.

This forum does not support Modified Games

 Hoodlum is considered a Pirated game. No support here.

The Version ONE DVD  will not play other version game saves.

Is your DVD clean, no scratches, no scuffs, no cracks near the hum?


IF you have any Mods installed, get RID of them, OR ask in the Modding Forums:



Stolen (Pirated, Torrent, Warez) Games are not Supported here, Ask at your source site for help.

There simply are too many reasons for a Stolen Game to not work. .






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