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  • 5 weeks later...

I don't think so. If this was created before 2018, maybe as it would be time to release more updates but right now is a very confusing time for Rockstar as they just released a game, RDRII, GTAV already ended, GTA:ON is coming to a fast end, and the advertising marketing for GTAVI should be here by at least 2021. So for updates, don't hold your breath on it, bro.

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it will come!




you already have a placeholder in your selfmade maps list.

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Yeah there is, they just have to unlock it. Youtube is full of videos showcasing it:





I just hope they will unlock it for other modes not just racing... 

I mean even a simple LTS creator for the arena would be nice at this point. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well it's here.

NO AP awarded for user created arena content.

Only arena vehicles are available for created arena races.

No traps can be placed, but gun towers can be.

Then you can't replay your job so filling lobbies will be next to impossible. You can create deathmatches with up to 30 players, but the inability to replay will likely mean that people will never play with that many.

It pretty much limits your created arena events to just you and your friends/party. This is because the matchmaking is not likely to populate your lobby.

It's great if you just want to sit back and marvel at your own artwork. Very few others will get an opportunity to appreciate it unless they allow the option to replay.

It's a disappointment until then.

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Yeah without AP it makes no sense...

Also they should let us create other modes inside the arena (LTS and normal DM)

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5 hours ago, Piro said:

Yeah without AP it makes no sense...

I get tired of saying "It would make sense if..." when talking about some most of Rockstar's decisions, but it would make sense if creations inside the Arena awarded AP. 

1) you're performing in front of an Arena crowd with sponsors etc. so you should get some kudos from that. 

2) if a creator-artist can tolerate the ridiculous restrictions inside the Arena (in terms of space, camera movement, gross-out themes etc.) then it doesn't seem right to punish them further by no-one wanting to play their map because of no AP. 

3) it just f*king makes sense


Now, I'd withdraw some complaints if we were able to create races (and other modes) outside of the Arena using the Arena vehicles / features, or if we were able to use other vehicles (probably not aerial ones!) inside the Arena. 

Also, Bandito Race Creator update when? 

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