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Bungie Splits With Activision


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Could this be a start? Also I heard Activision never actually "owned" them. I hope they make it and inspire other studios to escape corporate companies like EA and Activision. Here's hoping for Bioware. Also as it appears they kept Destiny. It's highly unlikely for R* to dump take2 but I wonder if "Grand Theft Auto" belongs to R* or T2? 

Edited by TheSantader25
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Yeah, people are hyping it all over around. But i can't really see where it will take us players to and what can possibly change.

Maybe Destiny 3 (which is leaked) will actually look more like a standalone game and not like Destiny 1.5, but that is far away from now.

Edited by Sanches
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Activision has become a bit of a sinking ship from what has led upto this split i beleive they also lost 2 or 3 of their top execs recently to.



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Activision never really owned Bungie it was more of a publishing thing. I'm not a destiny fan at all but it looks like most of the problems came from Bungie at least well from what I've read I don't play Destiny.


R* will never leave T2 since T2 founded R*

Edited by Zello
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I'm glad that they divorced their abusing husband. Bungie are good developers, but constant money-grabbing abuse has soiled their rep. That's not all with Activision however. They're under investigation for possible fraud, so all in all really good news for gamers all around the globe.

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Guest Billy Russo

It's really the best thing for them. Activision is one of the worst plagues out there, very greedy. Please bring back the Bungie I used to know.

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