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Sanny builder - get player id (myid)

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How can i do a text including my id? Example:



SAMP.IsCommandTyped([email protected])
      0AD4: [email protected] = scan_string [email protected] format "%d" [email protected]
       0B36: samp [email protected] = get_player_nickname [email protected]
       0AF9: samp say_msg "Hi, my id is %d" [email protected]

And show in chat: Hi, my id is 1 or other id, my id in game, like if i have 685 id: "Hi, my id is 685" and the command be /myid without to put id after command (/myid).

I mean when i use /myid to say in chat "Hi, my id is (my id)"

I tried all variables, many opcodes and it no works, in .lua mod is like this: 

        local _, myId = sampGetPlayerIdByCharHandle(playerPed)
        imgui.Text(string.format("text", sampGetPlayerNickname(myId)))
        imgui.Text(u8(string.format('%s', os.date())))

How can i do this in sanny builder? i tried all things

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But how can i do to say the name and not the id? Like when i type /command to say in chat "Hi, my name is (my name in-game)"?

I tried many ways but i can't do it...
That's one of my scripts (ways) i tried..:
SAMP.IsCommandTyped([email protected])
0B2B: samp [email protected] = get_player_nickname_by_actor_handle $PLAYER_ACTOR
chatmsg "Hi, my name is %s" -1 [email protected]

For id is: 

SAMP.IsCommandTyped([email protected])
0B2B: samp [email protected] = get_player_id_by_actor_handle $PLAYER_ACTOR
chatmsg "Hi, my id is %d" -1 [email protected]

This is working (for id script)

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