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Favorite and Least Favorite Gang in the GTA Series?

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(3D Universe) 

Favorite Gangs: Vercetti Gang, Yakuzas (gta 3), Grove St. Families, Cubans or Los Cabrones, Vance Crime Family, Varios Los Aztecas, Southside Hoods, Forelli Crime Family, Leone Crime Family (gta lcs. Shotgun equipment for gta 3), San Fiero Triads, Diaz Cartel. 


Least Favorite Gang: Ballas, Haitians, Vagos, Rifas, Sharks (gta vcs) Bikers (gta vcs), Sindaccos, Da Nang Thang, Leones (gta 3), Columbian Cartel (gta 3 and lcs), 

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iiCriminnaaL 49
On 4/23/2019 at 1:53 AM, iiCriminnaaL 49 said:


Mendez cartel, Forelli crime family, Leone crime family, Colombian cartel, the Russian mafia's families, Vice City Bikers, The Lost MC, Angels of Death MC, Varrios Los Aztecas and Los Santos Vagos.


Least favorite:

Cholos, Haitians, Sharks and Da Nang Boys.

I'd like to be more specific for my most favorite gang: The Faustin/Rascalov Bratva.


The Russian Mafia is absolutely my favorite type of crime organizations featured in the series, and I even prefer it to the Italian Mafia. And when it comes to the crime families within it, I find the Faustin/Rascalov Bratva to be the most interesting, especially given how small-time they were in comparison to the Petrovic and Bulgarin Bratvas, and how powerful and influential they became after Rascalov's take over.

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Posted (edited)

Favorite :Families(SA,V),Triads(SA),Aztecas(SA),Cosa Nostra and Russian Bratva(IV),The Lost MC,The Professionals,Duggan Crime Family


Least Favorite:Angels of Death,Kkangpae,San Fierro Rifa,Da Nang Boys,Sharks,Cholos,Rednecks

Edited by RtRick
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Tao Cheng

Favorite: Scorelli of GTA Advance. 


Least favorite: Leone mafia.

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Favorite: Vance Crime Family (such an underrated gang), Vercetti Gang, Grove Street Families (take out that prick Ryder and keep Big Smoke loyal to the gang and it's all good), Triads, Leone Family


Least Favorite: Ballas, Vagos, Forellis

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Posted (edited)

Favorite: GSF, Leones, Lost MC, Aztecas, Vercetti Gang, Cubans, Red Jacks, etc..


Least Favorite: Ballas, Forellis and the Cholos.

Edited by Limefong
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Most Favourite: Vercetti Gang, Forelli Gang and grove street

Least: Haitians, Triads and ballas 

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