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Red Dead Online Beta Update (January 10th)

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I’m just as irritated with the lack of content/updates as everyone else, but I’m not the least surprised, nor am I about the lack of communication from Rockstar. As a player of GTAO since day one, I know all to well what it’s like to not hear anything or receive anything for a long period of time. The amount of content being added to GTAO over the last year or two has been phenomenal compared to the early days. Maybe it just takes Rockstar a while to get their sh*t together? I hate even saying this but I’d probably agree to not having any thing added for a few more months as long as I could have solo lobbies today.

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I'm an OG GTAO player as well, and while I'm not surprised either, I guess I was just naively hoping they had a better plan this time around. I always got the impression that GTAO's popularity sorta caught them off guard; it didn't even really begin hitting it's stride until the Heists update and beyond. It's bizarre to me that the lesson they seem to've learned is that they should start with even less? 

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5 gold bars and adjusted matchmaking to Gun Rush mode only. 


Title update in coming months.


Completely useless. 



Edited by Ryan5252

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16 minutes ago, Ryan5252 said:

Are they finally getting the point that their complete silence was upsetting the fan base?  I think they would be under a lot less scrutiny and players may have more patience if they give a continual news wire updates.  "Title Update scheduled for release in the coming months"<---Could they have been any more vague lol.  Gold bar give-aways like this is how they are going to keep us signing in until then.  I'm not complaining about free gold, but there is nothing to spend it on at the moment.  


^ I don't know why that is highlighted white, I can't seem to fix it

Edited by Jlindstead

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'Coming Months'


Ugh, knowing Rockstar that's gonna be a minimum of four months. Why are they so confident the game will remain strong for that long? Free Gold is always nice but its not going to bring players back, we need some REAL content, and fast!

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This is not good news either for Rockstar or their gaming community.





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