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(MP) Grand Theft Auto : Advanced Impact

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(DYOM) Grand Theft Auto Advanced Impact


This is my really first mission pack.




Takes place in Parallel World, In Year 1993 After the events of mission "Deconstruction" from GTA San Andreas but the event of mission "Photo Opportunity" was never hapenned, Because of this, Many thing has changed.

Trivia:the events of mission "Air Raid","Supply Line" and "New Model Army" from GTA San Andreas was happened Before event of mission "Deconstruction"




Claude Speed met Ryder on LifeInvaders (social media founded and created by Sar Norris), He take a flight into Los Santos Because Ryder persuade him on LifeInvaders to do something.




Claude Speed - He is main protagonist of this mission pack, After He hands over the deed his garage to Johnson before leaving San Andreas with Catalina. The two head to Liberty City, Afterwards they depart to engage in a series of robberies across the USA, until He and Catalina head to San Fierro for engage the business until He meet Ryder on LifeInavders and was persuade by Ryder to flight to Los Santos and meet Ryder when he picks Claude up after thier arrival in Los Santos from the airport.

Roled by:Himself


Lance "Ryder" Wilson - He is one of two deuteragonists in this mission pack along with Ciel, He is associate with Big Smoke, Ryder and Claude had previously met on Lifeinvader and became close friends when Claude and Catalina arrive to San Fierro to engage the Business in San Fierro

Roled by:Himself


Ciel - She is one of two deuteragonists in this mission pack along with Ryder, She had met previously Claude and JD when Claude studying in High School.

Roled by:Max Caulfield from Life is Strange


Carl Johnson - He is one of two tritagonists in this mission pack along with Toni Cipriani, After He found out about Big Smoke's betrayal, He escape from Los Santos and arrival to San Fierro.

Roled by:Himself


Toni Cipriani - He is one of two tritagonists in the mission pack along with Carl Johnson, He is member of Leone Family.

Roled by:Himself



PART 1 (+Skins) http://www.mediafire.com/file/7lj4bwlc6z98g24/GTA_Advanced_Impact_%28Part_1%2BSkins%29_%28DYOM%29.rar




_F_ , Navetsea , TheNathanNS , Mr.Nice Guy Modz , Birdie , elMarcoPL , LAD , spyderblack66 , MrAndres5555 , Diego4Fun , LeoMods , Yohsuke for characters skins

catfromnesbox , ShaMAN2015 for Weapon and Cellphone Skin

Dutchy3010 and PatrickW for making Design Your Own Mission


sorry for my bad english.

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Will play it when I finish designing my current mission.

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