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Downtown Cab Co. - Concept

Downtown Cab Co. in GTA Online  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you take part in Taxi Driver missions?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not Sure
  2. 2. Do you think other Side-Missions could work in GTA Online?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not Sure
  3. 3. Would you play the Taxi Driver missions regardless of the payout?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not Sure

Recommended Posts

On 1/12/2019 at 9:16 PM, REXX said:

No. At first I was flicking through the idea of actually owning a Taxi Business instead of working for the Downtown Cab Co. The business would have had the player have a Passive income from hired drivers. Quite simply put: "No deliveries, no bullsh*t". I scrapped the idea as businesses are taking over GTA Online as of now and I wanted something different, as well as a nod to older 3D era GTA's.


The money earned is through fares and that's it. Plain and simple, yet fun (yes, fun).

I would prefer to own it (just like we owned Kaufman Cabs in VC). Owning it gives you more possibilities (choosing a name, logo, theme, taxis, drivers and all that). We would have to progress to hire more npc drivers (passive income) and drive ourself to boost that income and unlock more upgrades and cars. 

As a matter of fact I would love if they just straight up recreate missions from 3D era. For example this Carmageddon mission (to unlock Zebra Taxi) could be easily remade now with Arena Wars destruction derby physics:

Couple ideas how to make it work without passive mode:
- Signal jammer (off radar during missions. Permanent or rechargeable like rocket boost) 
- No lock-on for missiles
- Mines and strong armor
- you have to pay for destroying someones cab. Lets say 50-100k for griefing. That way other players could call your taxi as a way to escape

But knowing R* they would probably turn this in to PvP. So during missions someone can kill you and deliver the passenger himself. 

Edited by Piro

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El Payaso



Ever heard of Uber, Lyft, Taxify etc.

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WOW! That's an interesting idea! :)

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So, just a quick update. Started working on the 3D models. I am also going to add more unlocks. I'm still toying with the idea of Taxi Businesses but still not convinced.


Anywau, two new unlockables will be the Asea Taxi and Asterope Taxi.


Also, rubbish shot of the Perennial during the first stages of its makeover.



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Holy crap this is probably the only good online concept I’ve read on this forums. Well done! You deserve that award you got

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4 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Holy crap this is probably the only good online concept I’ve read on this forums. Well done! You deserve that award you got

Thank you, appreciate it :D

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This is sounds good, what could make it better? the passive money just like the nightclub, imagine you can hire another person NPCs of course, as a standard cabbie driver, while they make money you can also be a VIP driver like in your concept, how? by picking up stranded players around the map! yes! that could be a game changer, players help another players, for 1000k or 500k just like the helicopter pick up, but the players that order VIP cab will enter passive mode while riding the cab (the cab is an exclusive VIP cab like cognoscenti or schafter v12 that you had to buy first) almost forgot the passive income could be around 100 - 120k clean cut, from 150k depending from how many drivers you have, 3 drivers max pays 10k each driver, with 1k daily costs and of course a passive mode while driving the cab, let's face it we don't want to get blown up by broomsticks while driving our customer right?

all in all it's a fresh and good DLC concept but i prefer it comes like the dispatch mission as a part of Vice DLC that contains this taxi ride, offshore cocaine smuggling, further nightclub modifications, street races and mr.whopeeeee lol, 

Edited by MsBrandi

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I would really want to be a taxi driver in online but realistically it never would happen, so back to that funny business as M, F & T:




Edited by A.C.M.

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