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Imponte Nightshade or Vapid Ellie


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Should I get the Imponte Nightshade or the Vapid Ellie? I want both of these cars but I can only afford to buy one. Which car is better as in top speed, handling, acceleration and customization?

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Idk whats better but Ellie all the way but you cant go wrong having both. Just play some heists or missions or something and youll have enough money in no time.

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Ellie. Then save up and buy the Nightshade too.

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They're both massively overpriced, slow as sh*t and handle terribly, so take your pick. Phoenix is far superior as a 70s F-body, and the Rapid GT Classic can be made to kinda look like an old Mustang (but with much more class).

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Seriously, get both. No matter in which order, glorious cars.

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Tough call.


I quite like how the Nightshade looks so personally I'd go with that, but I think the Ellie has more customization options (if that's your thing). They're both mean machines that would look great in a garage as well as thundering around the streets of LS, so whichever one you get it's a win-win.


If in doubt, trawl the appreciation threads here for both cars and see if anyone else had made a version that swings your opinion one way or the other :) 

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They're both painfully slow to drive, especially the Nightshade because that's the way it is. Test them out in a race.

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