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Anti crash/bug solution?

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Posted (edited)

So I came up with a cool idea and really good, well at least it sounds like it.

So my idea is: A script checks if you are in any mission and it disables all scripts you have

And you can decide what scripts to be allowed during missions.

Since I'm not a scripter it might be too hard to create or sound dumb.

Just a thing that I have been thinking about, and decided to post it.

I posted it here since I just want some discussion and it's not a request.


Feel free to create it if even possible

if so, it would be nice with cred.



Almost forgot to mention, but maybe there's already something like this out there?

If so please post it! :) .


Edit: I don't know if this is the right section, but since it says discussion I posted it here.

Edit2 (off topic) : Why don't topic tags wanna work? (Tags for the topic, you can just select "spoiler in it")

Maybe I miss some add-on on FireFox..

Edited by Davve95

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a good idea
it is difficult to only track all scripts and turn them off
and not profitable
because you are guilty of global variables in cleo scripts
global variables used in the cleo script change the values of variables
in missions in main scm and they cause lock and crash

the scripts themselves are not harmful this game has a sulk :dozing:

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On 1/8/2019 at 3:00 PM, Davve95 said:

maybe there's already something like this out there?

Modloader could be a solution since you can toggle every mod installed with it; of course it won't be automatic but hey! you can always suggest that in the Modloader topic, asking to include a filter inside it for all of the scripts and mods that you want to be disabled during missions and enabled durant free mode (you can already do something similar with the "profiles" feature, by the way). 

Edited by Mysterdogg

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