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What did you name your horse?

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My horse is the Arabian and he's called Lucifer


My Son, however, named his latest horse.....Dead Soon

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My two Missouri Fox Trotters are called Jesse and James.

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Redid the character i made for the guest account, bought him a cheap walker, the dark brown one, and named him copperhead. pics in character thread soon.need to spend some gold on the outfit.

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Sir McTim

T h e s e    a r e    t h e    p l a n s  .  .  .



My War Horse, I ride him whenever I mean business. I was going with the Dark Bay coat but this Gray one is superior. He gets his name from his (obvious) red mohawk. I'm starting to like the gray one though since the white on the head looks like war paint. Upon reaching max bonding level, this horse has 8/10 Stamina and 10/10 Health (I'll go ahead and say my two other horses have the same stats at max bond, quite the coincidences). 




My Work Horse, whenever I'm adventuring and need a trusty steed to work, I can always rely on ol' Mudhead. 




My Race Horse, whenever I feel like showing off with looks and speed, I saddle up this one. 



I'll save my fourth slot for any future DLC horses that I would like to try out but I'll be just fine with these three.

Edited by Sir McTim

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Commented a few months ago, but she's still my main horsey. A red chestnut Arabian I got for free. Her name is Evie. 


Don't tell her, but I want a Turkoman horse eventually 😁



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