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Outlaw Biker Viking

Create Your Own GTA V Mission

Recommended Posts

Outlaw Biker Viking

A special thanks to Jeansowaty for inspiring me to have this idea. This idea is based on both the Create Your Own Mission for GTA IV and Create Your Own Mission for GTA CTW. However, it’s GTA V. Here, you can make your own missions that take place in between missions, after the storyline, or you even alter missions to make the storyline more serious and collected. You can even make your own silly missions. I don’t care. It’s your version of the game, not mine. You are also allowed to make your own characters. Anyways, enjoy!


Here’s an example of what to put as a header to each mission. It is optional, but recommended:

Given: after (insert mission here) but before (insert mission here)

Given By: (insert character here)

Protagonists: (insert which protagonists you’d like to have playable here)

Reward: (insert price here)

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Welp. Looks like nobody wants to make their own GTA V mission as of right now. Looks like I’ll have to give it a little start by redoing endings A, B, and C to make them more serious and collected. A first, though.


Something Sensible

Given: after The Big Score

Given By: Steve Haines and Dave Norton

Protagonists: Michael and Franklin

Reward: $500,000


After receiving a visit from Devin Weston, Franklin picks ending A. Kill Trevor. Upon calling Trevor...

Trevor: Franklin, what’s up?

Franklin: Yo, meet me somewhere quiet homie.

Trevor: Sure thing!

Franklin now has to get in his vehicle and on his way to the waypoint, he calls Michael.

Franklin: Yo, Michael. We need to take down Trevor. Somebody’s gotta go down.

Michael: Well, I’m just glad it ain’t me. I’ll see what I can do. (hangs up)

Once Franklin arrives at the destination, he holds a gun behind his back then Trevor shows up in his pickup truck.

Franklin: So how are you?

Trevor: Peachy. Listen, Franklin. I know what this is about.

Franklin: You do?

Trevor: Of course! It’s about Michael and how he’s the peacemaker! Well, I ain’t having it, alright?

Franklin: (points gun at Trevor) Listen, T. I like you but you creep me the f*ck out sometimes and almost got me killed. I really don’t want to do this but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya just gotta do.

Trevor: I have been nothing but straight and true with you! You f*cking Judas! You’re just like him!

Franklin is now getting in a car chase with Trevor. Michael gives him a call.

Michael: I’m on my way. Just hang in there. Let me warn you, though, I think Trevor must’ve called some people to help him so I’m chasing them.

Franklin: Thanks for the heads up.

Michael: No problem. (hangs up)

You are now switched to Michael who is in his car, chasing two other cars.

Michael: I think these guys will lead me to Trevor.

Michael needs to follow the cars all the way until Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and both cars all meet at the oil fields. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin get out of their cars and so does Trevor and eight members of Trevor Philips Enterprises (four in each car).

Trevor: ARGHH! Michael! I thought I was with one Judas, I’m surrounded by them! At least I’ve still got some people left! (begins running away)

You are now capable of switching between Michael and Franklin and have to take out the eight TPE members.

As Michael and Franklin move forward, a helicopter appears.

Michael: Sh*t! T called a chopper on us!

Either Michael or Franklin has to take it down as it will shoot at them. As they keep moving, more Trevor Philips Enterprises members show up.

Franklin: Funny how T calls us the traitors yet he has all these friends we never even know about!

Once they are taking out and they keep chasing Trevor, one more group of TPE members show up.

Michael: Who the f*ck are you guys?

Once that group is taken out, there is a cutscene in which Michael and Franklin have Trevor cornered at a gas tank.

Trevor: You wanna piece of me, f*cking come get me! You wanna kill me, take the f*cking shot you fake motherf*ckers!

Franklin or Michael has to either shoot the gas tank until it explodes along with Trevor, or they can simply just shoot him until his health reaches zero.

If the first approach is taken...

Michael: You always liked gasoline, Trevor!

If the second approach is taken...

Trevor is seen laying down and bloody.

Michael: Not so big and tough anymore, now, are ya Trevor?

Trevor: F*ck! You! Both!

Franklin: Wanna know something, dog? You’re organization is a fat f*cking joke!

Trevor: Whatever! (grunts)

Michael: He’s right! Also, if you’re so loyal then why didn’t you just let your so-called friends, meaning us, into the business?

Trevor: I did, dipsh*t.

Franklin: Ya know what? How about me and Michael start our own business together, and call it Michael and Franklin Enterprises?

Michael and Franklin look at each other and laugh.

As Trevor slowly and weakly aims at Michael, Franklin shoots him in the head, killing him.

Michael: Thanks Franklin.

No matter what approach is taken, this will happen next within the cutscene...

Franklin: Man, that was your best f*cking friend!

Michael: (walks with Franklin) You know what, tough guy? It’s time you learned to grow the f*ck up. No sense of when to back off! Day in, day out, 24/7 insanity. Well, f*ck him! Ya know, there’s times where even assholes like me say enough is e-f*cking-nuff!

Franklin: Well that’s that then.

Michael: It is what it is. Surviving is winning, Franklin. Everything else is bullsh*t. Whatever it takes, kid. Survive.

Franklin: Damn straight!

Ending credits roll.

Edited by Outlaw Biker Viking
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You should have just said it's the same mission, but you kill some extra goons as opposed to copying the entire script.



You're not creating your own mission you're just changing it ever so slightly. 


It's reminiscent of the dross you used to type out in WD. 

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Here’s my own post-mission phone calls from my version of ending A. As for rewriting B and C, I said I would earlier but I changed my mind. I’ll just make this aftermath a bit more satisfactory. :)


(Franklin gets a call from Dave Norton)

Dave: Hey, I heard you killed Trevor. You did the right thing.

Franklin: Yeah, but I’m a little afraid of that Steve Haines dog.

Dave: Don’t worry. I was the one who spun him that Michael was stable but Trevor was not. Devin Weston is a liar. It was really on behalf of me. Not Steve. I’ve been promoted, Steve is now arrested for his corruption, and Devin is also behind bars for threatening the FIB over Michael not being killed.

Franklin: Well, that’s good to know. Thanks dog.

Dave: No problem. On top of that, Stretch and Wei Cheng have also been locked up. I hope you’re happy.

Franklin: Over the moon, dog. Thanks again.

Dave: Now do me a favor by never contacting me again.

(Dave hangs up)


(Franklin gets a call from Lester)

Lester: Hey, I heard Trevor is dead. I’m not happy about it but I understand that you did what you had to. Let’s just move on with life and pretend like it never happened. I’ve split the big score between you and Michael.

Franklin: Sounds legit.

(Franklin hangs up)


(Michael gets a call from Jimmy)

Jimmy: Uncle T is dead! I can’t believe it!

Michael: Uncle T was dangerous. He wanted to kill us. He wasn’t well. Now think about it. Who would you rather see live? Some crazy Canadian psychopath or your dad?

Jimmy: Uhhh..you, I guess.

Michael: That’s what I thought!

(Michael hangs up)


(Franklin gets a call from Jimmy)

Jimmy: It’s not fair! Trevor was like an uncle to me and now he’s dead!

Franklin: Not everything in life is fair, dog. Nothing is. But the more stuff isn’t fair, the stronger we get.

(Jimmy hangs up, possibly in rage, that would be SO like him, lol)


(Michael gets a call from Ron)

Ron: F*ck you for killing Trevor! Him and I built a great organization together!

Michael: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ron: Bullsh*t! I know for a fact that you had something to do with his death! I’m just a nervous wreck right now.

(Ron hangs up)


(Franklin gets a call from Lamar)

Lamar: Man, you was right about Stretch. Dude is janky as f*ck!

Franklin: After all he’s done, now you say he’s janky?

Lamar: Sorry for just trying to see the best in people, homie.

Franklin: Well, now he’s in jail so we can hang out sometime.

Lamar: You for real? Sweet! Call me anytime you feel like hanging out, homeboy!

Franklin: Sure thing, dog!

(Franklin hangs up)


(Franklin gets a call from Michael)

Michael: Well, we did it bro. You and me.

Franklin: We sure did. Not only is Trevor dead but Steve, Devin, those Chinese who kidnapped you, and an old enemy of mine are all in the pen.

Michael: I know. Dave told me. Let’s focus less on them because they’re just our past. Instead, let’s focus more on our future. If you ever need anymore mentorship sessions or want to hang out, just give me a call.

Franklin: Will do, dog!


Franklin can also hang out with Michael or Lamar whenever he wants.

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy
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El Penguin Bobo

Glad this thread was bumped, was thinking of creating my own mission. 


Unfortunately, that would have to wait for now, but I'll get to it soon!

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El Penguin Bobo

Okay, now I shall create my mission.


Mission: Gas Station Stick Up.


Given by: Lamar Davis.


Protagonist: Franklin Clinton.




Franklin knocks on Lamar's door.


Lamar: I'm coming nigga, damn.


Lamar opens the door.


Lamar: Oh, it's you. Why the f*ck did you knock the door like you the damn popo and sh*t?


Franklin: Nigga, shut up. Why'd you call me here for?


Lamar: I'll tell on the way, here take this. Lamar gives Franklin a pistol.


Franklin: Wait, what you want me to do with this?


Lamar: I'll tell you on the way nigga, come on.


Franklin: On the way to where? 


Lamar: Man, just come on.


You take control of Franklin now and you follow Lamar to his car.


Lamar: Come on man, you driving.


Franklin gets in the car and starts driving.


Franklin: So, where the hell we going? 


Lamar: The LTD gas station down at Grove Street.


Franklin: Wait, is that why you gave me this gun? To rob the store right? Nigga, I told you I ain't doing that gangbanging hood sh*t anymore.


Lamar: Man, if you wanna make some cash around here, that's the only way nigga. Unless if you want to live with yo auntie for the rest of your life.


Franklin: I'd rather do that than spend time in a jail cell for the rest of my life.


Lamar: Look, it's gonna be simple and easy. We go in, act like we buying something, point the piece at the clerk, and we out. Oh, and here's the masks. We don't want anyone seein our faces.


Franklin: Man, I need to stop hanging out with yo ass.


Franklin drives to the gas station.


Lamar: Alright this the place. You go in, act like you buying something, and I'll go in and hold the place up. 


Franklin: Man, sh*t....alright, let's go.


Franklin gets out of the car and goes in the gas station.


Clerk: Welcome to LTD, how can I help you?


Franklin: Nothing man, I'm just looking.


While Franklin looks around, Lamar puts on his mask and pulls out his pistol. 


Lamar goes in the shop shouts,


Lamar: Nigga, this a stick up! Open the cash register!


Clerk: Lamar, what are you doing here again? I thought I told you to stay away from this place!


Lamar: Man, who the f*ck is Lamar?


Clerk: I recognize that voice anywhere my friend, get out of here before I call the cops!


Franklin: Nigga, what is you doing?


Clerk: Is this your little friend? I want you both out of my store!


Lamar: Nigga, where's yo mask and yo piece? 


The Clerk pulls out a shotgun.


Clerk: I said get the f*ck out of my store!


The clerk shoots and misses.


Lamar: Oh sh*t! Lamar shoots the clerk 3 times in the face.


Franklin: Nigga, what the f*ck you just done did?!


Lamar: He tried to blow my head off motherf*cker, damn! Look, go unlock the cash register, I'll keep on look out.


Franklin: Exactly why I don't hang around with yo ass. Franklin grabs a plastic bag, and grabs the money in the cash register and put the money in the bag.


Franklin: Alright man, let's go.


Franklin and Lamar gets out of gas station and gets in Lamar's car.


After this, you get a 2 star wanted level.


Lamar: sh*t, the one time! Shake em off nigga.


Franklin shakes off the cops.


Lamar: Alright, we lost them. Drop me off at my place man.


Franklin: Man, do you realize what you just did? You killed someone! You finally lost yo f*cking mind.


Lamar: He tried to blow my head off. Self defense nigga. Hey, we got the cash. Now stop bitchin.


Franklin drives to Lamar's place.


Lamar: Look man, we might have to spilt up for now. Here's yo cut.


Lamar gets out of the car and leaves.






Reward: $680.


Man, it took me a while to write this, lol. Give me feedback if you guys want.

Edited by El Penguin Bobo
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Outlaw Biker Viking

^ Good mission, better than the VAST majority of missions in GTA V (that ain't saying much though, lol). I'm only curious though, about what part in the storyline does it take place?

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El Penguin Bobo

Somewhere in the beginning after Repossession. Think of it as a tutorial on how to rob stores in the game.


Sorry for the huge amount of the N words. That's basically the dialogue with Lamar and Franklin. lol

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Outlaw Biker Viking
4 minutes ago, El Penguin Bobo said:

Somewhere in the beginning after Repossession. Think of it as a tutorial on how to rob stores in the game.


Sorry for the huge amount of the N words. That's basically the dialogue with Lamar and Franklin. lol

I thought so and yes, a tutorial in robbing stores would've been more than necessary in a game like GTA V. As for the N words, it's okay, :) You are right. They do have a bad habit of using that word a lot, lol.

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Putting your foot down

mission giver: Michael (he starts it himself in the kitchen of the De Santa residence)

Given: before the family leaves Michael

Reward: Michael stops being a c^ck and his family listens to him as opposed to walking all over him like a doormat.


In the kitchen, we see Michael making coffee about to sit down and read the morning paper. Tracy, Jimmy, and Amanda come down from the rooms to get food or in Amanda’s case a protein drink. Jimmy and Tracy start fighting over the last waffle and it gets into a loud verbal fight with Jimmy calling his sister a wh^re. Michael gets up and tells them that they’re brother and sister and that they shouldn’t fight over something as silly as a waffle. Jimmy being the nice kid he is tells his dad to “sit his old arse down” then Tracy says “yeah dad”. This sets Michael off and he scolds the both of them

Michael: “That’s it I’ve had enough of the disrespect. You and your sister as well as your mother need to stop acting like a bunch of [email protected] and get along and stop treating me like a piece of sh^t. Jimmy you need to stop being a lazy fvck of a kid and either get a job or do something productive and Tracy you need to stop leaching on me and your mom for money. Get a job!

Amanda hears this and intervenes

Amanda: Stop yelling for fu^k sake I’m trying to do yoga!

Michael: Oh and here’s miss I’m gonna f^ck the tennis coach behind my husbands back. Don’t tell me to stop telling our kids to stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. They probably get all this smack talk from you I mean you’re their mother. I gave you this house, the cars you all drive, the electronics you stare out for hours on in, and the food in your stomachs and the least I get back from you all is disrespect? You’ve all got the fu^kin’ nerve. Clean up your acts now or you can get the f out. No more cars. No more living in mansion. Capieche? After that both Jimmy and Tracy go their separate ways as well as Amanda who storms out the back slamming the fancy glass doors shut. Michael then goes to watch tv. The mission is completed. As the game progresses, the family changes from being arseholes to somewhat stable people. No longer treating Michael with disrespect. No more fighting. And no more of Amanda cheating. He didn’t need a therapist for that after all.

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