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New Yaer New Club!!! Join Now!!!

Shamrock Reapers MC

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Shamrock Reapers MC

Welcome to Shamrock Reapers MC.


A true Brotherhood, an original MC. We make our own rules, we have respect and loyalty to all members in this club. If you cannot follow our by-laws, then this club is not for you. We have weekly church that runs on every Saturday usually around 6:00 UK Time Zone. We also all play in "free aim" on Xbox One. If you respect us, we respect you. We never back down or leave a member behind. We are like a family, we have fun together and always have trust in each other.


PROSPECTS are prospective members of the club who are yet to earn their patch. Prospects are expected to do what they are told, follow club bylaws and wear prospect attire. They have to prove their loyalty to the club. Prospects have no voting rights.

Prospects are allowed to wear any leather or denim cuts and jackets except worn out ones and the ones with patches on front.

Prospects always have to wear their prospect patch on the back and ride on cruiser/chopper motorcycle at all times. Exceptions are vehicles that are forced by game during jobs and heists.

Prospect period is minimum of 1 week and maximum of 2 weeks. If in that time candidate doesn't prove that he is worth of a patch you will be removed.

Club By Laws (PROSPECTS)

⦁ Follow the lead and example of Patched Members.

⦁ Wear your Prospect Attire at all times.

⦁ Everyone must ride on motorcycles in public sessions. Exceptions are free roam activities or missions.

⦁ Prospects ALWAYS ride behind patched members.

⦁ This is your active crew, and your only MC. No tolerance for crew hopping and repping other crews.

⦁ Never enter passive mode.

⦁ Your Social Club profile have to be set as public.

⦁ No crew killing (except in those circumstances when it's clearly agreed).

⦁ Always check session for presence of other MCs and avoid attacking other MC members. We are generally friendly with other MCs, so do not shoot at anyone on a cruiser or wearing a patch. If someone from our friendly list shoots at you, explain to them that our clubs are friendly toward each other, and let a higher up know.

⦁ No trash-talking or patch-pics (no photos of dead MC members, especially patches of real-life MCs).

⦁ Don’t talk to patched members of other MCs without being requested first

⦁ Never use helicopters, planes and fighter jets for a quick transport

⦁ Don’t shoot flares, fireworks and other explosives without permission from your officer.

⦁ Don’t be late on crew rides

⦁ Violation of these rules results in delaying prospect’s patch-in for 1 more week and more serious violations may result in immediate kick from the crew.

If interested please messasge King AirMax OG on Xbox One


Full Patch










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