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The City Of Los Santos Roleplay Community Is Now Recruiting!

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Posted (edited)

DISCLAIMER: This roleplaying community is fairly so we cannot host a proper roleplay session until we hire cops, dispatchers, EMS, etc...


The new trend that has been brought to the Grand Theft Auto Online community is Roleplay. We bring you the The City Of Los Santos Life RP where the choice is yours!


To Join, click the link below: 


We use discord for most of our community which has many efficent features to help with roleplay including:


911 - We have a discord voice channel used for roleplayers who wish to call the emergency services (911). A dispatcher will be notified when somebody uses the 911 command. 


ACTION CHAT - Users can use this to indicate actions (e.g *loads stretcher into ambulance*)


ECONOMY - We have our own economy system in discord. Users can earn money by doing their job and talking in chat which they can use to buy cars, guns, etc...


BUSINESSES - We have multiple businesses setup so both Law Enforcement and Civilian Operations can use. 

We have third-party resources that we also use that have efficient features to help with roleplay including:


CAD/MDT SYSTEM - We have the system that allows all departments to register, make calls etc.


ZELLO - We use this for our Law Enforcement department that allows them to communicate like a real-life radio.


All of our patrols are scheduled and time-zone friendly so people from different timezones are allowed to patrol at the right time. All instructions to apply for the community will be in the discord server.


Edited by Spider-Vice

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Won t work 

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I’ll be a cop on your server

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@Spider-Vice why is this allowed but mine isn't?


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@DivineStank This is not allowed either, it was just missed. You can advertise your crew, but recruitment and player finding should be confined to the forums. You can then invite people to your Discord servers or websites once someone is interested. PM me if you still have any questions.

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