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GTA: Underground - Team Roster

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)







@_Zeron, @The'Truth - Underground

@LennyH, @TonyDi06 - UG-MP, Official servers



@Blue - Modelling (Midway)

@Lennie. - Audio Development

@Spartan_112, @Maladoy - Vehicles

@Yhdf - GFX, Peds, Weapons

























Project Leader:
The project leader manages GTA: Underground, assigns managers and runs the project in general.


Project Manager:
In charge of all Development Managers and the communication between them (if anything arises, such as a flaw in one of the plans which could be reported by the Development Managers, should be resolved by them and the leaders should be informed, just an example).


Development Manager:
Assigned by Project Managers or Leaders and is in charge of one section of development. A Development Manager ensures that all normal developers and contributors are able and are executing their tasks as best as possible. A Development Manager is also expected to report the progress of the Developers and Contributors if they did not report it themselves. They are also able to assign new developers if they deem it necessary without consulting higher-ups.


UG:MP Whitelist Committee:

The people who are managing the UG:MP whitelist. They are responsible for making the decision for every single server application.



An Administrator is responsible for actively assisting users (think support and answering questions from the fanbase), moderating channels, and appointing moderators (if ever necessary).


Have the job to check validate and answer to all the bugs brought in #support and #bug-reports on the official Discord chat, the website (once public), and the GTAForums board, then report to the Development Managers in charge of the said domain. They also have access to development builds and are expected to test the contributions from any Developer or Contributor.


A Developer, unlike a Contributor is actively working on the project and isn't just contributing from time to time.


Anyone who has been asked to join the team and has contributions which are used by the mod has this role.


The people who is trusted enough to read in on development chats and decide with other devs (doesn't have to be a contributor).

Edited by TwisT3R-HU

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