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Recommended Posts

Guns are a blazing and Lasso’s are a twirling in the early days of RDR2 and the F.A.M.E. Gang is here for all the infamy. If you’ve been looking for a posse to run with, then look no further than the deadliest gang of degenerates you’ll ever see. From taking over towns to group money making schemes, the F.A.M.E. gang is here for it all…. And we like to look good while doing it in the latest fashions. Already at 6 strong but looking to add more!!!

Activities include but are not limited to:

Group Hunting Days

Posse Showdown Series

XP Grinding to level up (Missions and the latest known XP grind)

AND all kinds of Hilarious Shenanigans during our DAILY gang sessions

If interested, complete the info below and you will be contacted by F.A.M.E leadership..

Rockstar Social Club:



Are you 18 and older?:

Do you have a Mic?:

Willing to wear Gang Colors?:

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gt Mikeydam

Eastern Standard Time

Yes i have a mic

Willing to wear gang colors

Edited by MikeyDam_onXBOX1
left something out
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raw randomly

Im down to get down. Add me "Raw Ramdomly"


Rockstar Social Club:RawRandomly

GamerTag:Raw Randomly


Are you 18 and older?:22

Do you have a Mic?:yes

Willing to wear Gang Colors?:Yup

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