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The Seth Universe[Mission Index]


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                                  The Seth Universe is a shared universe with it's own characters and story.

           All characters, companies and locations within the Seth Universe can span across a wider story from mission series to mission series.


           The Seth Universe take in a different timeline/world were the GTA events never happened or never existed, the character of GTA will not appear. Due to this, new characters take place in this universe, everyone will take their role and may mention afterwards in the sequels/next events.


Those events are connected to other mission packs events, characters or story links can appear or be mentioned. This timeline will start by a new era mission pack called The Royals where you are a main character enter Red County. The timeline and story will focus on Red County terrority and other main areas in the near future.






NOTE:The topic is inspired from Target13 topic, credit to him, any copyright strike or something bad in this topic, tell me in the post with no bad replies and I will deal with it.


Edited by Seth
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  • 4 months later...


The topic has been fixed and rebooted to a new universe due to canceling The Days Universe, this new universe was suggested by the designers, I promise there will be not any more cancels of my mission packs.

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it makes me think: why the hell do you keep sending those non existing images lol

Edited by Martin_Strada
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3 hours ago, Martin_Strada said:

it makes me think: why the hell do you keep sending those non existing images lol

What non existing images? Plus if you have a problem in the topic, send me a PM and I will fix it.

Edited by Seth
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