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The Dark Universe[Mission Index]

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Posted (edited)






The Dark Universe is an alternative world of Grand Theft Auto, the Dark Universe takes place on The Alexis Family and other people, this Dark Universe is a official universe until Light Universe main protaginist came and fixed the mistakes.


The Alexis Story is a part of The Dark Universe which all the family seperated because of dark reasons, there are backstory of The Alexis family problems accuring problems to the other families too, until Light Universe came out for good(The Light Universe Story is untold), The Dark Universe take a first era and called "The Days", and it's revealed that Dark Universe is a Company from the future and it's owner is unknown.


The Dark Universe may take place in other mission packs like(The Fort, Silence Scream, Sweep Squad) and will shows intersting cameos of other authors characters.





-San Fierro Underground gang founded by Sky Alexis and Jack Yerdon.

-The SFU Gang members choosed Sky Alexis as their leader.

-Nega Alters has been disabled by The new "San Andreas Honor" goverment and with the help of the SFU gang.



(Events of Days of Horror)

-June 20thThe Schalfer Coropation professor accur a mistake that did an Outbreak and died.

-June 27th: The NSF-Virus spread the whole San Andreas in a silence row.

-June 28th: Sky Alexis found his best friend Jack Yerdon commited suicide after he got infected.



-Sky Alexis dissapread and gone and never seen again after the end of the outbreak.

-Sky's girlfriend post notes on the wall about calling her number if seen Sky again.



-March 2nd: Force 04 created by Area Biopharm founders.

-September 12th: Teen Wolver promoted to a Captain.

-November 1st: Force 04 created more factions: Alpha Team, Bravo Team, and The Leading Team, STARS Agency.



-STARS Agency created their Team Academy called Delta Squad and started to recruit people

-(Bravo Team faction has been disabled and it's members joined Alpha Team.)




NOTE:The topic is inspired from Target13 topic, credit to him, any copyright strike or something bad in this topic, tell me in the post with no bad replies and I will deal with it.


Edited by Seth

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