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PS2 Features back to PC - Seabed.ipl Issues

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Hi there everyone who loves the PS2 conversion for the ruined PC port of San Andreas. Recently I decided to extend my "SA PS2 Look" experience by installing more PS2 features. Originally I was just using the Silent Patch, SkyGFX and PS2 Parked Cars mods. After a few months, I also added PS2 Markers, Icons and so on and now I'm really frustrated by having certain issues while using the "PS2 seabed.ipl" file. Although I like the new, PS2 look alike, smooth fade away, colorish way of draw distance mechanism I'm also suffering from these issues:


1) The whole game looks much brighter in comparison with the original SkyGFX mode. It is now less contrast (especially shades and dark objects in further distance) and all colors look a bit faded - especially during dawns and sunsets. :( Most visible at the sky cycle.


2) While travelling across the state of San Andreas it seems like the game engine can't keep up with players tempo and the weather changes with huge delays. For instance, if you travel from foggy countryside to Las Venturas you don't experience typically desert like conditions. There's still misty, foggy everywhere and the sky is very pale white. Only after a few minutes everything goes back to normal. Also Los Santos can suffer from very rainy and stormy days that are normally usual only for adjacent counties...


Actually I'm testing the game with another new mod, specifically the "PS2 Timecyc" file. Any idea how this mod changes the final gameplay experience???


Thank you all very much for any hints!!!!


Running the original v1.0 DVD disc edition released in June 2005

Using SilentPatch and SkyGFX via modloader plus minor "back to PS2" improvements and fixes (PS2 Markers, Icons, Parked Cars, Parachute Animation, PS2 Objects, Map fixes...)





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Everything in the PS2 features thread is supposed to be used in a clean, single player game installation. And essentially with SkyGfx. The PS2 seabed file doesn't do anything extra in your game than add some timecyc values, changes the draw distance hence why the sun is big as the PS2. Your issues sounds like mods conflict each other, everything seems to be mixed and/or wrong installed. And even worse if you're playing SAMP or anything like that, I don't wonder why those issues exist, those multiplayer clients has a poor modding support. Check your installation.

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