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Player status, RDO 2019, january.

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Character 1 has been on hold a few days, but currently sitting @ Rank 88 with 52xx gold bars & $900. 


Character 2 didn't receive any rockstar freebies or gold give aways, just reached Rank 20 with 12.65 gold bars & $2685.72 and a Rank 20 treasure map waiting at the post office.  I STILL have NOT spent any money other than the daily stable and camp fees,$50 on one ability card and $22 in fast traveling.  All ammo and consumables have been looted so far, and I'm still wrecking sh*t with the cattleman and carbine repeater they give you at games start.  This obviously isn't the account I'm going to be doing showdowns in lol, I'm definitely not spending cash on weapons until Feb 26th, but I'm tempted to see how far I can go without spending and by just looting.  I would like to reach Rank 25 before the 26th.  

Edited by 4eyedcoupe

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I'm on a lil break. Dipped back into GTAO abit and been playing Stellaris over on the ol PC... might hop on some this weekend, might wait til the 26th. It's good to let a little absence make the heart grow fonder every so often.

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Rafae S

Finally made it to rank 30 a few days ago, taking a break until the update arrives. Got myself a Lancaster too.

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@Rafae SRank to 31 to unlock the express ammo, then take a break.

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Ronin Ogami

Same character I started with, currently rank 117. Still loving the game, when it's working enough for folks to play.

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Red Lynx 23

Just made it to rank eighty four. Thirty gold bars and change, three thousand dollars and change. There'll be some new items to spend money on tomorrow perhaps, if Stables are working, I should have the Beaver Roping Saddle unlocked, and I have unlocked the explosive slug pamphlet. That'll make two types of anti-griefing ammo.

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Ready for Feb 26th update:


Character 1:  Rank 90, 54.38 Gold bars $1278.21 with all tier three cards that I will bother with.  


Character 2:  Rank 31, 17.68 gold bars $3377.44 with 3 tier 2 cards. No R* freebies on this account.  I have only spent money on the ability  cards($1200), $54.75 + 3 gold bars on clothing, and roughly $50-60 on fast travel.  I haven't purchased any weapons, ammunition, horses, or anything else.  I think the Tenessee Walker that you can get in the opening mission is a bit of a hidden gem in this game for starters even though it is slow.  It has decent stamina to get me where I am going and it has not thrown me off once over predators, I can't even say that for my Turkoman on the other account. The cattleman and carbine repeater have grown on me a bit, even though they aren't great. I'm expecting to start purchasing weapons and ammo after the update, especially since I just unlocked express. I'm just waiting to see how the Evan repeater is and how they nerf the varmint riffle.  The varmint riffle is key for hunting small game, but if the accuracy changes to the point that you no longer get a perfect pelt from ALL varmints, then I may pass on it, we shall see. 

Edited by 4eyedcoupe

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