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Custom vehicles

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There are three equivalents/maps for each game mode I.e bomb ball I, II, and III. As far as I know, these are for nightmare, apocalypse and future shock vehicles.


if I buy an apocalypse death bike, can I use that in all three equivalents/maps I.e I, II, III? Or do we need to buy all three? So long as custom vehicles are allowed by the host of course. 




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You can use custom vehicles in any game mode ‘style’ (think that’s best choice of words)


I think the stock ones are limited to the style, but custom vehicles don’t matter

Least it doesn’t with mine, I’ve been using future shock vehicles in apocalypse and vice versa

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Yep, if you have a custom vehicle you can use it in any of the 3, although it will be painted in the team colour in some modes so will look hideous.

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The Arena War modes don't have an option for the host to turn on/off custom vehicles, if you don't own a vehicle you use the default for that map, if you have custom's they override the default.

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i have that death bike, apocalypse updraded, but i play with it in every arena war mode i want, it can be the apocalypse or future themes or that food theme..

means if you have the apocalypse death bike, (or any other owned arena war vehicule) you can use it in all modes, you can use it on future, apocalyptic and nightmare 😘



make sure you sign the release because that means something's happening..

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