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[Rant] RDO is a casual hell


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Hello there gtaforum members, wish you a good year and I hope, that I can encounter some sort of intelligence which will not downvote me to the oblivion like people do on reddit (do we have downvote button? Thanks gods).

I want my vision to be heard, a vision about Red Dead Online and some portions of RDR2, a vision that does not follows the hive mind nature.

RDO is a casual hell.

Who the hell though that it will be a good idea to record hundreds of animations and force player to go through every single one of them all the time? When I played GTA Online with my friends, we were thinking like: hey, it would be cool to have some animations that can increase interaction with this virtual world, such as sitting on the chair there and there.. But R* thinking differently. When my character gets on the horse, character almost always starting to calm the horse and at this moment I can not do sh*t, I can not access weapon wheel and use my guns, and the game gives no sh*t about players aiming at me. When I skin f%cking bird, I can not speed up the animation, I can not break it and drop the f%cking bird, I always have to watch this bullsh*t where my character

slowly approaching the bird,

slowly grabs it,

then takes out the knife,

cuts the bird,

then takes away the knife,
then slowly grabs its feathers and pulls it,
then watching it,

then slowly throws away the bird and hides feathers in invisible pocket.
Meanwhile there are 5 expensive birds are passing by my head and I cant do anything!


I understand, this camera shacking thing is fun (sometimes) in single player, but not in Online. I do not feel like I control my character, I feel like I am telling my character to do things, and my character sh%ts all the time when anything happens and I cant aim for my own nose. Ive tried to turn off auto aim, but it makes aiming almost impossible, and I tell this from over than 15 years of console gaming, with high rangs in ranked shooting game, I say that aiming in RDR2/RDO is a casual trash which workds only with auto aim.

Game modes. Game modes is something deeper, it is a hell of casuality.
Who thought that placing multiple teams instead of 2 in team death match would be a good idea? Everyone shooting in the back, skill is not required.
Their version of battle royale with knifes, just stay as close to the edge and wait untill the only 1 enemy left, and then just lock on and kill it with dead eye,
Game mode where you gain points by killing other, for MVP players gain more points and become MVP yourself. Game spawns players behind the field of vision, so everyone spawns behind each other and shooting in the back, then noob steals your kill and round ends. Game call you Loser, meanwhile imbecile who just happened to be a trigger happy turns out to be MVP. Hey, but everyone had a chance to be MVP! Everyone happy! Better LUCK next time!
Capture the targets.. Wow.. few targets, few teams, each one of them capturing their target and wins that team which managed to spawn closer to the target. Bravo.. Or maybe something like this happens https://youtu.be/CixnM_ky1H0


Pay to win.

There are horses that you can buy for Gold bars, they are somewhere 2x faster. Should I tell more factors?

Ive played hundreds of multiplayer games on different platforms, and I find that Red Dead Online is the stupidest, the most Pay To Win, the most casual one.

And the saddest part is, fans have ate it. History with EA and Battlefront 2 shows that Fans can make a differences, and I wish I saw any differences with RDO. Ive played RDR1 multiplayer, even Revolver, and it required some skills to play, and there was no boosters or imbalanced things that you can buy for cash to be stronger infront of other players.

Shame on you, Rockstargames.

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This game really sucks sometimes, I sticked to it because of the narrative and graphics, but it fails as a game.


Not to mention the dual currency which the worst sh*t I've seen yet, I'm level 60 and I only earned 16 gold bars (and 30 they gave to everyone).


I hate a lot of things about this game and once I get the platinum I'll delete it.



Edited by Lexiture
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Semaj 2JZ♢

Just because it isn't what you like, doesn't make it bad. Take it to the B&M thread, cowboy.

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Take it to there and discuss.

Edited by AndyGanteks
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