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Haiku Thread

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Haikus are simple

Five, seven, five - syllables

And only three lines


People who suffer

From a short attention span

Need poetry too


Stream of consciousness

Is the best way to write these

Because this is raw


Haikus are best when

All the words hang in the air

And sit right when said


Have a drink, a smoke

Leave a haiku or two here

Try not to suck ass

Edited by Vercetti21
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Mokrie Dela

I do love haikus

Though I don't often write them

Posting them is cool


could be good to discuss them too. That's if there's any interest....

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Discussion is fine

Can you do it in haiku?

I would bet most can't


This thread was my hope

To bring life back to this place

Of desolation


Haikus are easy

And quick to write and to read

People are lazy


I find them to be

A good writing exercise

To help those like me

Edited by Vercetti21

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Femme Fatale


Edited by Femme Fatale

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Bleak times are afoot

Shortage of inspiration

Plaguing me daily


All days feel the same

Nothing flashy, nothing neat

Ever going on


So now I'm stuck here

Writing a bunch of haikus

On a blank paper


At least these are quite

Simple to quickly come up with



Edited by Carbonox

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A haiku a day

Will keep the doctor away

For a sick writer


Not to be bleak but

Chronic illness has drained me

And withered me dry


Wearing down my bones

Like water on coastal rocks

Eroding with time


Penning down my pain

Seems to take it all away

At least for awhile



Don’t profit from the healthy

That’s why I get high


Edited by Vercetti21

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