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Game Elements and Features of GTV VI [controversial wishlist]


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Was discussing with a friend what the next instalment of the series could add, more specifically what Rockstar could get away with, especially within todays politically correct climate.


  • If we've got the multi-character angle again, then I'd say an Extremist Character, doesn't specifically have to be Islamic, but the character should probably be gay and religious. Maybe instead of blowing people up, he'd just … blow them?
  • NPC's using wheelchairs, crutches and mobility scooters, maybe a mission or two where your character needs to assist the health service by eliminating the sick, crippled and elderly?
  • NPC children. Lets go all out here and have missions where we're required to abduct them and hold them to ransom.
  • Wildlife Hunter (an online minigame of sorts) where we're required to hunt and kill several animals for cash rewards and trophies; Deer's, Bears, maybe even the odd Whale, Shark or Dolphin?
  • Mosques, Churches and dare I say it, Schools that we can enter. Gun usage is player choice, though you'd be safe in the confession booth (do mosques even have these?)
  • The ability to drown people, either with a plastic bag, or by shoving their head into a pond. Could we add curb stomping too? I don't want GTA to develop into Manhunt 3, but we could use some new/different kill animations.


Too much? Or not dark enough?

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We have a section for discussing the next gta here and a pinned wishlist thread for this sort of thing.




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