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Your Stats [Gangs:Least Favorite Gang, Territories Lost, Gang Members recruited etc]

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Least Favorite Gang:Los Santos Vagos


Territories taken over:5


Territories lost:2


Territories under control:26.42%


Gang Members recruited:43


Recruited gang members killed:24


Enemy gang members killed:345


Friendly gang members killed:42


Biggest gang:Ballas 27


2nd biggest gang :Grove Street Families 14


3rd biggest gang:Los Santos Vagos 12


What's y'all stats?

Edited by lil weasel

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Why is this on guides and strategies? 

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Least Favorite Gang :Ballas


Territories Taken Over :36


Territories Lost : 1


Territory Under Control :42.37


Territories Held :25


Highest Number Of Territories Held :563


Recruited Gang members Killed : 123 (Due to Getting ran Over or trying to shoot 4 rival gang members by themself )


Enemy Gang Members Killed :3370


Friendly Gang Members Killed :252


Biggest Gang : Grove Street Famillies 


2ND : Ballas


3rd : Los Santos Vagos 

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From current game play (only several missions left, Los Santos final missions that is, with "A home in the hills" being the next one, means LV part is completely done)


-All skills full


-Pilot ranking: Ace


-Times drowned, number of hospital visits: 0


-Girlfriends current/dated: 6/6


-Successful dates/Times scored 184/157, Disastrous dates: 0 (not showing in the stats)


-All weapons Hitman, Bullets fired/that hit 59 178/59 178, KGs of explosive used: 3 160


-Stars attained/evaded: 1 606/ 1 471


-Police bribes: 0 (not showing in the stats)


-Times busted: 0


-Criminals wasted: 205, Gang members wasted: 3729, People you've wasted: 14731, Total legitimate kills: 13 861


-Road wehicles destroyed: 5 055, Boats destroyed: 78, Planes & Helicopters destroyed: 14 633


-Cost of property damaged: $55926987.00


-Tires popped with gunfire: 1 511, Number of headshots: 2 448, Fires started: 6 631


-Territories taken over: 42, Territory under control: 0.00%, Highest number of territories held: 53


-Gang Members recruited: 2 (mandatory mission requirements)


-Enemy gang members killed: 3 901, Friendly gang members killed: 0 (not showing in the stats)


-All girlfriends progress 100%


-Unique jumps found/done 70/70


-Last/Longest chase time with 5 or more stars: 50:43 / 166:36 (I actually recently had a save with 758 hours, but for some reason the stats simply didn't save it, didn't get updated but instead kept 166 hours as the longest one)


-Last dance score: 8 230


-Tags, Snapshots, Oysters, Horseshoes: 100, 50, 50 ,50


-Mission attempts: 155, Missions passed: 137, Missions failed: 0 (not showing in the stats)


-Vigilante 12/78, Firefighter 12/78, Paramedic 12/78, Taxi $30 005 cash/50 passengers, Truck missions passed 8/Money made $33 500, Pimping level/girls/money made 10/2/$8 400, Vehicles exported 30


-Quarry time: 20:12, Packages delivered 54, Photographs taken: 56 (Minimum game requirements), all races 1st place, BMX best time 2:10, NRG best time 1:45, Shooting range levels 12, Valet parking 12


-Total time in Bloodring 1:00, Kickstart best score: 61 (definately the hardest thing I've done in GTA SA, considering I'm playing with Frame limiter ON)


-Progress made: 95.19%, Playing time 165:17, Days passed in game: 468, Safehouse visits: 246


-Vehicle resprays: 4 (the only real mistake IMO in this save, it should've been 2 that are mission required, I can't remember where I got these other 2 from)


-Times cheated: 0 (not showing in the stats)


-Criminal rating: High Roller - 455 719 (without using the Replay glitch, I don't use glitches)





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Unfortunately the Ballas outnumber us in my game, Families only marginally have more turf than Vagos with a 18-16 edge. However, the Ese varios are largely intact and geographically connected meaning that I can walk for miles and miles and only see Vagos. North Los Santos and Eastern Los Santos are basically all Ese varrios. We (Families) are scattered more. We are in Ganton, Idlewood, Glen Park, Jefferson, Temple, Verona Beach, and Playa Del Seville


Biggest Gang: Ballas - 24


2nd Biggest Gang: Families - 18


3rd Biggest Gang: Vagos/Eses - 16


Least Favorite Gang: Ballas


Gang Members Recruited: 29


Recruited Gang Members Killed: 7


Enemy Gang Members killed: 1233

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Ballas King

It keeps changing, but on my most recent play through (have finished till Vertical bird, i love gang wars but re activating them with Homecoming means killing off my favorite Ballas and Vagos and taking over all territories  which is kinda impulsive once its activated means losing them for good), this is my current gang stat:


Least favorite gang
Territories taken over
Territory under control
Highest number of territories held
Gang members recruited
Recruited gang members killed
Enemy gang members killed
Friendly gang members killed
Biggest gang
2nd biggest gang
Los Santos Vagos
3rd biggest gang
Grove Street Families


In the entire GTA series I enjoy nothing more than engaging in gun fight with the Ballas, they are just so much fun, their aggression, dressing and style, provocative nature, everything makes them the perfect gang and the reason i love SA so much. Just restarted playing a month ago, I dont spend more than 2 hours a day, yet already killed 2000 + of them XD. The Vagos are fun too, but the Ballas are sworn enemies  and more aggressive and in my 13 years of playing SA never get tired of them XD ....


The longest i played without restarting, and finished 100 % was between 2008-2010, I lost the save sadly due to my old desktop being wrecked, but from what i remember, enemy gang memebers killed, which mostly included Ballas was around 700,000 + 😎 ....

Edited by wfank

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