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Destroy rival posse's Wagon


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How the hell is this suppose to be done?


Just got it randomly popping up on my screen "A rival posse just started a mission" bla bla bla something something destroy their wagon. Love the idea of these kind of missions but I threw 3 molotovs and 2 f*cking dynamites on that f*cking wagon and nothing happened? What the hell are you suppose to do? What the hell is that wagon made of?!

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Dynamiting it or driving it off a cliff or bridge seem to have worked for a few of the c*nts who have come after me when I’ve been attempting an escort.

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I've destroyed them via dynamite, molotovs, submersion, gravity (off a cliff) and killing the horses. Dynamite seems to require a pretty direct hit to kill with one stick and fire bottles seem to need at least two fairly direct hits for the burning to accumulate enough total damage to destroy the wagon.


And of course there's always the possibility of connection issues meaning what you see isn't necessarily what is actually happening...

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Fire arrows. Works 100% if you have some clueless dudes up against you not expecting you to come back. But a good posse will not even let you get close that said. I usually go after only those guys who have killed me priorly without reason, wanna mess up my hunting trip ? Well you ain't making money from strangers.

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If you say you did dynamite the wagon, then you did destroy it for sure, but there was more than one wagon in that mission and you just destroyed one. Fyi, you can destroy the wagon by simply killing the horses, much cheaper than wasting dynamite. 

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