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Create your Premise for GTA6


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Use this thread to come up with an interesting premise for GTA6


Here is my premise. Liberty City. You are a hired gun working for a crime family. This is a crime family you've been with since you were wet behind the ears and you feel obligated and duty bound to protect. One day a rival family kills your boss in an ambush to settle their differences and all hell breaks loose, everyone in your crime family is a target and you escape the meeting by the skin of your nuts. You immediately drive to the boss' mansion and you see a bloodbath bodies and blood lying everywhere you take out a few remaining members of the rival family and you search the house for survivors. You find the boss' 14year old daughter hiding in a closet she attacks you at first as she fears you are one of the men from the rival family there to kill her but she quickly realizes its you and she hugs you and cries. It is now your duty to protect this little girl. You suspect there is a mole in the family and you can't trust anyone. You scramble whatever you can find and you take the girl out of the city to someplace new....Vice City. 


In Vice City your job is to:


1. Protect the girl, which is a hard task cause although she's only 14 she likes to drink, do drugs, date older guys the full 9 yards, and also she's suffering from depression.

2. Find out what the hell happened, who's left alive from the family, and who the rat is. You don't trust anyone.

3. Settle down in Vice City and start networking and building your own thing.


What do you guys think?



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I think it should be 3 friends who grow up together in the foster system and live through hard times together like brothers.


One of them ends up in the mafia, one in a gang and the other becomes a cop.  


The he single player could be 3 complete separate stories with all 3 converging at the end.  

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just do it bob1
2 hours ago, Up2NoGood45 said:

I think it should be 3 friends who grow up together in the foster system and live through hard times together like brothers.


One of them ends up in the mafia, one in a gang and the other becomes a cop.  


The he single player could be 3 complete separate stories with all 3 converging at the end.  

I actually like that. I think that would be an interesting story, while also utilizing the three player system in GTA V.

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My premise:


The game is set in the 90s, don't know which city, but I'd favor some Redneck State or the Midwest, maybe Kansas City and St. Louis.


Two characters, the first one is a former soldier who drove military trucks during Desert Storm in Iraq and is now a stockcar racer, the second character is a dirty cop.


Char #1 is forced to work for a crime organization as a driver for whatever reason, at one point he is involved in a bank robbery and steals documents or whatever the dirty cop wants back. You do the usual missions you do in GTAs with Char #1, getting deeper and deeper involved in crime after starting merely as a driver.


The dirty cop both has cop missions and missions where he follows his own criminal agenda plus missions in context with the bank robbery and the missing documents, my plot somehow would be that the cop sabotages the offical investigation of the bank robbery and chases char #1 on his own, not knowing him personally. To quote myself:


I'd like the idea of having to 2 protagonists who are "enemies", a criminal and a dirty cop who both persecutes the criminal and at the same time follows his own (criminal) agenda which is intermingled with the criminal's agenda (without knowing from each other). The game would need a good plot of course, imagine to change sides within one mission, like chasing the criminal you played the minute before in a police car. The characters should directly meet each other only at the end of the game and either oppose each other or become allies since the might find out that they unintentionally have the same agenda. GTA IV went a little in that direction with its episodes, the same events from different angles.


I have not elaborated a whole plot but at one point in the story char #1 and the dirty cop meet and find out to work for the same crime organisation whatever it is, they then work together. Then they f*ck up and their actions get their boss imprisoned unintentionally (maybe even before they have meet personally) which leads to the final mission:


They get forced by their bosses's goons to duell each other as retaliation and the surviving one to free the boss, leaving the player three options:


Char #1 kills the dirty cop and frees the boss using brute force


The dirty cop kills char #1 and frees the boss using cleverness and his position as cop


Char #1 and the dirty cop manage to escape the situation, killing various goons of their own party and freeing their boss together, hoping he forgives them, using both cleverness and brute force.


Any thoughts on my plot? I have only ideas how to start and end the story, not what would happen in between and could lead to the events described.

Edited by Aquamaniac
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