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The Lost and Damned 10th year anniversary

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17th February 2009,when TLAD was realeased on Xbox 360.It was a great DLC,a different perpective(than GTA IV),a more brutal game which offered a lot of great things.I only wanted Rockstar to not realease TLAD as a DLC,but as a full game with at least 50 missions(TLAD missions were tense,with a lot of action,the only GTA without non-violent missions,and a great storyline)and a lot of secondary missions,respect and Empire Building.TLAD was Rockstar's greatest step after GTA IV.

17th February 2019 will be TLAD 10th anniversary,so what do you think will do Rockstar?Will acknoledge this?Will wait until October to do something?

For me personally TLAD is Lost but not forgotten(also quite sad what happened with the Lost in 2013).

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B Dawg
5 minutes ago, Vladistar_895 said:

so what do you think will do Rockstar?Will acknoledge this?

Ofc they won't. They didn't give a sh*t about IV or Vice City Stories.

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No if IV didn't get a 10th anniversary release what chance does TLAD have or TBGOT?

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Probably they'll do nothing at all... If GTA IV (which still remains the "main game" of the 3) didn't receive any attention, I higly doubt we'll see a celebration for TLaD 10th anniversary. The only attention that it could have received would have been the song removal update but it has already been released last year for EFLC.

And probably also TBoGT 10th anniversary will be forgotten...

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