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Beta LCPD police cars

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Why not change the police cars?


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In the case of the Enforcer, you just need to edit the carcols.dat file. This also applies for adding the VCS colors for the VC Enforcer, which the mod excludes for some reason. I'm pretty sure that there was a vote on this years ago but it's not like anybody remembers it. One of the vehicle developers for this mod (Maladoy/m1racle) uploaded the beta VC Police on libertycity.ru and it isn't in this mod. You can download it but you need to use the img file in the custom mods folder to replace the current police car. The same applies with the beta LCPD cruiser but you won't find any made SA-styled, even if you broaden your search to LCS cruisers. Also, why are you saying "change" instead of "add"?


Here is my suggestion for the mod developers:

How about adding 80s and 90s Staniers and Premiers for all police departments and letting is choose which ones are used in a setting? This means all police departments have police cars based on copcarla, copcarvg, copcarlc, and copcarvc. In the case of Liberty City, there will also be duplicates with LCS liveries.


If that is too complicated, at least look at this:


How about giving each city in San Andreas its own fire truck and ambulance and using the original ones in the countryside and desert? This would mean:


An LSFD fire truck with a livery based on the LAFD (but not the one that says "City" on it) but with the FDSA logo instead of the city seal.


An SFFD fire truck with a San Fierro Engine Co. livery but with a golden version of the FDSA logo as the fire department's seal.


You already get the point about the LVFD fire truck. Just imitate the real life livery and put an FDSA logo as the city/fire department seal.


Ambulances will have the same liveries mentioned above.


Fire trucks and ambulances will be able to respond in the countryside and desert because it makes no sense to add biker cops but leave these places as the only ones with none of the other emergency services. Let's not forget that side missions are for the entire state.

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