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Is Micah the most unlikable Rockstar character?

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He is actually pretty sh*tty and one dimensional character, he looks awful, he acts awful, he is without reason pseudo racist, who can't stand ''darkies'' yet people who really couldn stand them call them worse, also he looks like he know how to use guns and fists and it's easily one of the weakest oponent for both, so like a said sh*tty one dimensional and easily one of the worst antagonist Houser ever wrote, I even liked catalina as antagonist more and she were definetly one dimensional, also Dutch '' the best antagonist'' :DDD haaaa, hypocrite who stop pretending he cares about anything else than do whatever he wants, that is not how well writen character act, but he was at least for me one likeable character ( and at the end even Morgan) 

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

Idk I think it makes sense when a guy who acts like a grade-A psychopath the whole time turns out to be a grade-A psychopath instead of being turned around for no reason at all. 

Being a psychopath does not mean you can't play a positive interesting role. But to be fair that's not my point, what I wanted for Rockstar was to write a character that wasn't a psychopath, because it is getting really old.


7 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

Especially when the quality of writing delivers it smoothly.

I don't think it did.


7 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

Ryder did not act like an asshole, only talked like one. Deep inside, he always had good intentions and genuinely cared about Grove street and CJ. Ryder was just being toxic and condescending towards CJ because he was legitimately hurt by his sudden departure to LC during tough times for the family.

I don't think that was certain. Though I do believe that was the case as well but Ryder and Big Smoke both dissed CJ on the first bike ride to Groove Street. So it's hard to say. I don't think he cared about CJ though until he started putting in work after his return.


7 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

Ryder obviously wouldn't have turned villain if it wasn't for Rockstar's complications with his voice actor. It was a rushed, sudden, far-fetched decision.

I mean you could have of just killed Ryder off. That was another possible decision to preserve his character. Tell us that he fought off Big Smoke and got killed by Tenpenny or something as a warning to CJ. But no, because Ryder has shown to be jealous of CJ a lot so Rockstar decided to make him an antagonist.


7 hours ago, RenegadeAngel said:

Micah, on the other hand, was acting like a psycho from the very beginning and had no redeeming human qualities whatsoever.

I remembered the scene in the trailer where Micah was telling Arthur about being brothers and sons of Dutch. I did wish he played a more bigger role than being bad for the sake of being bad. Maybe be the one that snaps Arthur out of his love for Dutch or be the one that enforces it. 

As for redeeming qualities, well he may not be very humane but he is reliable for most parts. Like I said, Micah is pretty straight for most parts. He fights well alongside others and is willing to die for the gang's cause. Gives two gifts to Arthur (his holster and later a rifle while robbing the stagecoach) and lets him decide the cash division after the job. People might say, "Nah man, he's faking it, he's just a psychopath blah blah." maybe maybe but there definitely a foundation for a more complex character. In fact I was quite impressed when I found out that Molly was the rat in that one scene and not Micah (made me smile a bit on the writing) but then Milton comes in and says, "Nah man, Molly didn't rat, Micah did lol." I was like....sigh. Sure...why not.

Edited by Ryo256
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Posted (edited)

I think every villian needs a super villain. Let's face it everyone in Dutches gang is a psychopath (especially Dutch who is the archetypical charismatic psychopath), it's just some psychopaths are worse than others.  How do you distinguish the bad from the bad in a game where all of the characters are not really very nice. Well you have to reach for the really nasty I suppose. How do you find redemption when all the characters show very little remorse for their actions... there's the rub. I think that's why it's so well written as a story, we all know all of the characters by the end well enough to make judgement but we don't and should not understand the mentality of psychopaths which almost all of the characters are to some considerable extent.


I don't think Micah is anything, racist or otherwise he simply is the extreme psychopath character there has to be for everyone to hate. All of them were unscrupulous arseholes, nasty and would turn on each other given the chance. Micah just happened to be the archetype.

Edited by Calrid123
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