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GTA 3 on PS4 - No Rampages

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Hey, I'm stuck at 99% cause there are no rampages in my game. But there is blood. Is my version censored ? How do I get an uncensored version, please ?

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I think I know what's your issue. Are you French, right? If so, I'm sorry to tell you that GTA 3 got censored in France and, for this reason, you're not seeing the rampage icons spawning. Baiscally French, German and Belgian people can't normally achieve 100% and platinum.

My advice is: uninstall GTA 3 from your console (without deleting your save file, if you have PSPlus do a backup on the PSCloud), change the language of your system (maybe to English, but also Italian and Spanish versions aren't censored) and then re-install the game. The language of the game should now match the one you've set on your system. 


What the game does at the start is very simple... It just checks your system language and then it decides if it has to run the "normal version" or the "censored version". In your case your system language is French, so the game runs the censored version.

A part the fact that these censorships are stupid IMO, Rockstar could have done something with this re-edition for people like you who live in a "GTA 3 censored country". Luckily Vice City and San Andreas shouldn't have this problem.

Let me know if you've fix it :)

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^ Might be region locked to his country. In other words, unless he can change his region\locale in the console changing the language might not do anything.

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I searched a bit on the Internet and I found on PSNProfiles that a Belgian guy had the same problem. What he did is basically what I've adviced: uninstall the game, change the system language in English and then re-install the game. I don't think you have to change your PSN region (in theory it shouldn't even be possible), but just your system language. But first MAKE a backup of your save file on a USB, you may lost it if you uninstall the game!

I'm not 100% sure that this will work but, considering that at the moment he can't complete the game in any way and GTA 3 size is just around 1GB, I'd try to solve the issue in this way.

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it's ok, i completed it 100%


i was just checking the wrong location for rampages

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