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The End of Humanity (Complete)

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Los Santos 2016, 

When a Scientist accidentally released an experimented zombie, it infected the people in the city. The zombie was very powerful and it has an intelligence of a human. It can turn any people into zombies in just a second. Because of this, 90% of all the people in San Andreas turned into a zombie. And now, those who survived must fight their way into the nightmare and find their way to get out of San Andreas.










Steven Matthews

The Main Protagonist of the Story. He is a college student and 

studies at the Los Santos University. He is always late to his 

class and struggles to keep up with his studies.  He has a crush on

Hannah and he is very good at driving cars. 



Raphael Jones

Steven's classmate and best friend and the brother of Carrie.

He has a great motorcycling skills. 



Carrie Jones

Raphael's sister and the best friend of Hannah. 



Hannah Anderson

The best friend of Carrie and Steven's crush. 



Derrick Parker

Steven's teacher in the University. He is a strict teacher

and always gives his students a homework. He used to

be in the military in his past years but stopped and 

pursued teaching instead. 



Dave Madison

A countryside sheriff. He worked with the Los

Santos Police Department and solved many cases.

He has great skills when it comes to guns. 



Ryan Howard

The gangster and drug dealer of East Lost 

Santos. Falls in love with Helen.



Henry Ramirez

A car thief but gets arrested by Dave in the




Helen Breyman

Works at the Binco clothes shop and the daughter 

of Ben.



Ben Breyman

The father of Helen. 


.....and one guest character, play to find out who.











Download Link














Edited by Steve16storn
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Posted (edited)

I played 2 chapters of this so far. It's good! Not mind-blowing, but good. I will give you feedback after I complete it. :)

Edited by Aymunz
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