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Cutter De Blanc

Brightness Calibration

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Cutter De Blanc

Is anyone else having difficulty calibrating their brightness all of a sudden? The past couple of days everything has been super dark. I tried calibrating the brightness in-game but even all the way up I cannot see the Rockstar logo anymore. Additionally,  I tried adjusting the brightness on my TV to the point where the logo is supposed to be was just a grey box but I still can't see the logo. It wasn't this dark a few days ago, and I had changed no settings to cause it to become this way

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
f*cking sh*t autocorrect
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I don't think I even touched the setting. Come to think of it, I never calibrate it in any game. Perhaps I set it a bit brighter. The monitor I have is quite accurate. Very close to a professional\reference monitor display that is used by game developers.

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Never had a lot of luck with it-would prefer a Brightness and Contrast option as, just like in Photo software-the brighter you make something the dark areas wash out.


I do have vision problems-Diabetic Retinopathy with years of my Retina bombarded with Laser to seal it back down to the inside of the eyes and honestly figured it was just my eyes but, since you brought it up-I've never been able to see the R* logo myself.  Have had to skip missions where it was too washed out-chase some guy on a wagon for Arthurs ex and a cave mission where it was too dark because I could not make adjustments to function.

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Andy Lefty

I was wondering the same thing. I've tried to see that logo when calibrating, but I've never been able to do so. I think they forgot to add the logo to the calibration screen. :)) 

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Your TV should be calibrated correctly first.

Mine is and I never touched a calibration setting in-game.

You said it wasn't that dark before and you did not changed anything; maybe your TV's settings were somehow reset ?

Edited by anthony

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Oh and dunno if this might help but I am running my Xbox RDR2 on one of the colorblind modes.  Misremember which one but that helped reduce the overall brightness and garishness of things with no sacrifice to color that I can see.

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Brighter is better. It takes away the immersion of the low light stuff, but you can't see anything without a brighter setup. Even during the day in shadows you can't see crap. So as with ALL games, brightness goes up, way up. I want to be able to tell the difference between dark brown and black.

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