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Vice city's Ocean View minigame

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Hello all, recently ive uncovered my old PS2 version of Vice City and began a new game, ( got bored of GTA V's online) anyways, after constantly going back to the Ocean View hotel to save after every mission, I suddenly started to remember this kinda Ocean View minigame like thing on rockstars website. 


For those that dont know what im talking about or do but not 100% from my current memory, you could "play" this flash game where it had an interior of an ocean view hotel room, presumably tommys. The point of this "game" is that you could click on a number of things and interact with it, there was a storage chest to the right where i side would have cards with the diffrent vehicles and along with a picture of the vehicle it would tell you the stats of it, above the  storage chest was a cork board, which featured pieces of paper and on it would have the many diffrent characters on diffrent pages, and it each page would tell you a little bit about each person. There was also cassete tapes on a table in which you could listen to the soundtrack of VC. 


Does anyone remeber this!? If you know what im talking about, you could have remembered it diffrently, i most likely have remebered alot wrong, please share your memories of it and lastly, is that "game" still available to play? What was it called maybe someone has videos of it on youtube.? 

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Evil empire

I don't remember anything like this.

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Isn't all flash stuff gone from Rockstar Games web? I remember something like that happened like two months ago or so.

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