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Xar Instapass - failiure is no longer an option

Xar Engineering

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Xar Engineering


I have created a modification for San Andreas but cannot post it to the Garage due to a PHP error (Call to undefined function eregi() ). A pity.

It is my first modification and because I have had a lot of fun with it I wanted to share it here. I will post the description at least in here and if the garage error gets fixed post the mod there.


The Instapass modification for GTA San Andreas (PC) by XAR.

Requirements: Cleo 4+ and Modloader. Works with all PC versions of GTA San Andreas.


Installation instructions
Place the archive in your main GTA San Andreas directory and unzip it. Then modify modloader\Xar Instapass\cleo\instapass.ini the way you wish. After that start the game - go to options: modloader and activate/deactivate the modules you wish to use - default all are on and ready to go. Now you can start a new game.


What is it?
It is a modified main.scm where failure criteria and time limitations for all missions have been removed. The only mission that may not be failed is End Of The Line part III. Gameplay is not affected in any way - if you wish to do missions you will pass the usual way. If you do not wish to do a certain mission simply fail the mission by destroying the mission vehicle, killing yourself or a mission essential NPC, or get busted.


What is the point of all this?
For fun basically. I made this for quick practice for certain missions and ended up coding it for all missions. Some of you will not like it - this is for those that do. Who knows it may introduce a whole new competitive category: cheatrunning.


    * MiniGun drop at the Grove behind the basketball court
    * MiniGun drop at the San Fierro Garage
    * MiniGun drop at the Verdant Meadows airstrip


Modification directories: (each module can work independently without the other)
modloader\Xar Instapass    
    - This is the main modification as described above. It also contans a small annoyance I fixed in the Black Jacket from Victim where some white was showing at the bottom which looked ridiculous. The jacket is now perfect. Do not want that? Delete gta3.img from this directory.


modloader\XI Boiling Coffee
    - Fully nude Carl and Girlfriends during sex.


modloader\XI Casino+Rap Assets
    - After signing the partnership contract with Woozie in "Fish in a Barrel" you will receive an "actual" piece of the Golden Dragon Casino and after recovering Madd Doggs rhyme book in "Cut Throat Business" you will receive an "actual" piece of the rap game business. Both these money assets should logically have been programmed by RockStar but were not. I feel it completes the game that's why I added this modification.


modloader\XI Catalina Humiliation
    - Hides Catalina's clothes which makes her company a little more bearable. If like me you cannot stand the bitch then you may find it also interesting that you can now blow her up during her missions and pass. The initial dialogue should now be more like Catalina: "Where's your car?" -CJ: "Where's your clothes?".


modloader\XI Tools
    * Drop all weapons - press 0 and O together
    * Transport to marker - press Z and X to transport to the map marker
    * Grove 4 Life loop - press G and B to start/stop instawinning zones for the Grove. Recommended to be initiated just before you start the "Grove 4 Life" mission and switch it off again after EOTL. Once all missions are done it is nice to race around Los Santos on a NRG with the loop on and painting the town green.

The main instapass configuration file: (modloader\Xar Instapass\cleo\instapass.ini)
In this file you can tweak the settings for the main Instapass module. If you delete this file everything will be ON by default. Here a copy of the default (ON) settings and what they do. If you wish to change the settings edit the values in the file modloader\Xar Instapass\cleo\instapass.ini - not the values below (duh).

Clothes=1            // Start with Binco black top and Victim sun glasses
Driving=1            // Start with more driving skills
Bike=1                // Start with more bike skills
Cycle=1                // Start with more cycle skills
Stamina=1            // Start with more stamina
Oysters=1            // Start with 49 oysters found
Snapshots=1            // Start with 49 snapshots taken
Horseshoes=1            // Start with 48 horseshoes found


NoCensorship=1            // Remove censorship from game
NoCatalinaCalls=1        // Prevent Catalina taunt calls
KeepWeaponsBusted=1        // Keep weapons after being busted
KeepWeaponsWasted=1        // Keep weapons after being wasted
NoGymCalls=1            // No calls about the gym
BettingTrackRigged=1        // Rig the betting track side game


About OTB - Betting Track
If ON this will disqualify all other horses but yours - making you the winner in any race.


About the mission "End of the line"
If you fail the first part you will auto advance to the second part. Fail the second part and you will auto advance to the third and final part. You must complete the third part. Good news is you do not have to use a micro SMG to shoot in the final scroller. You are mounted on the side of the Feltzer with a MiniGun. Yup. That'll change your perspective some.


About side missions
If you fail the Zero mission "Supply Lines..." it seems you actually failed, but... you didn't.
If you insist on unlocking the "Car importing and exporting" side mission you need to actually complete the Cesar "Customs Fast Track" mission without short cuts.


Possible bugs and oversights
Although I did a lot of testing I may have forgotten a thing or two here and there. Please post any remarks or suggestions on the forum.


Freeware and open source ofcourse. Decompile and use in whatever way you see fit.


A final word and warning
This modification was written just for fun. It does not pretend to be a tool or a legitimate way for speedruns etc. because it obviously is a seriously hacked version of the main game. I will ignore any comments, snears or hints that this was presented as a legitimate version of the game because it is not. THE MAIN MODIFICATION IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD SAVE GAMES. This means you cannot use old save games when starting to use this and must start a new game the first time you use this. If you wish to preserve your old games save them first. If you generate save games while using the main modification you cannot use these save games without the main modification. Please use your common sense and be careful with your save game handling. Finally - the removal of the censorship flag and nudity modifications are NSFW and are for mature audiences only. Please let children be children and do not expose young children to sexual content. I slightly changed the nude textures to correct some of the errors but have to give thanks to the original creators of the nude textures - I simply could not determine the original authors because there are so many duplicates out there. So however you are - thank you for your work.


Have fun and please post your feedback on the forum where you got this modification from.




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