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Wil Liam

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RockStar has used almost every profanity imaginable in Red Dead Redemption 2, including the "N word" repeatedly; and when the gang moves to Shady Belle in chapter four, in the background you can hear a continuous barrage of the worst profanity. However, people who play their game cannot use words commonly heard on prime time TV and in PG-13 rated movies.
I first discovered RockStar's censorship when I tried to name my second horse "sh*thead" and it was called profanity and not allowed. After that, I began using the names of horses from movies that I have enjoyed. Today I purchased the Black Arabian and I chose the name of Mattie Ross' horse in the movie True Grit (1969), but according to RockStar, "Little Blackie" is profanity.


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Yeah, I ranted on the same thing.  Tried to name my horse 'Mukluk' after my Boxer that passed away two years ago.   Cutter De Blanc from this forum [[IIRC]] postulated it has something to do with the 'klu' in the name-you know, "Klu Klux Klan'?  He mentioned a name he tried to use from the old RDR1- I'm thinking MacFarland or something to do with that ranch but not sure, at any rate it was also blocked because of a string of three letters.


Here is my opinion on this-screw R8 on this stuff.  I bought the damn game, I bought the console it is played on inside of my home, using my electricity and my internet, sitting on my furniture and I do not need tome SJW Nanny-assed pissant person or company telling me what I can do, say, write or how to act in my own home.


When I sign up on a board online I agree to certain terms and services and they can * out words or boot me for not adhereing to them.   If I was playing Online I also would have to agree to such but not on a game on my own system-they choose to connect me to their 'Social Club' they they should choose to * out anything they do not like on Their end.


I was waiting for Bully2 to come out-rumor is it is coming in 2019.


Now?  Not so sure-might wait for it to hit the used markets so I am not paying people to babysit me on my console in my own home.   Screw 'em.

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  • 2 years later...

It has been a while since I posted this, and I have found a few more words and/or horse names that RockStar has senselessly bared as profanity... "Hidalgo" which is a Spanish or Mexican title for nobility similar to an English Duke or Barron is banned as profanity, and "Shunka Wakan" which in Lakota Sioux means Big Dog (or Sacred Dog) is also banned as profanity.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I just tried to name my horse Blacklung and I got the profanity prompt, seems to be per character count as well as I then tried with Blacxlung and got the error again but in the end worked with just Blaclung.


What could it be ? the word black or that is used in the story ? I'm in epilogue and no NPC from the gang acknowledges horses names anyway. Kind of ridiculous.


Keep it for online and don't mind single player even though it shouldn't exist at all. 

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