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Dual wielding needs a slight tweak in my opinion, sorta like Max Payne 3


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In max payne 3 you can dual wield but you can pick which gun you want to shoot from. Left or right.

In RDR2 online you cannot do this. So if you're trying to dual wield 2 very different types of weapons say a cattleman and double action revolver for example you're going to have a bad time shooting both guns with the same button. There is a huge delay in between both guns making it not fun to dual wield and this solution could be easily solved if you could pick which gun you want to shoot from.

My solution is to remove the left trigger aim button and replace it as a left trigger fire button. So this means while dual wielding you can only hip fire, which seems more realistic because you cannot accurately aim with 2 weapons anyways.

Also even hip fire has an absurd auto aim mechanic to it so you're not really at a disadvantage against other auto aim users.

And if you want to aim the gun and be more accurate you still can, just holster the other gun.

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Yeah, I was surprised to see they didn't use that control scheme. Worked super well for Max Payne.


One of my favorite loadouts - and probably the most versatile one I use - is:


Hip - Semi-Auto Pistol

Front - Sawed Off Shotgun

Shoulder - Bolt Action Rifle

Back - Bow & Arrow


The only downside to it is that I kinda hate dual wielding those two sidearms  together, so I will often empty my pistol clip, then cross draw my shotty to finish enemies off.


Would be alot simpler if I could just pull both weapons out at the same time and decide when I am firing each one of them.

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Isn't that what tapping left on the dpad is for? Never tested it but it does a kind of shoulder switch whenever you tap left on the dpad.

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Yeah i guess it would be hard to look down the iron sights on 2 weapons at the same time. Would look silly too. 

I like this idea with seperate triggers!

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Yes, I agree as well. Mainly because there’s more of a nice feedback when you manually choose which hand to fire with. Simply feels better.


But they’d have to make it work in such a way that it’d not be confusing in contrast to the rest of the control scheme.. I can’t remember exactly how it worked in MP3.


Edit/addition: I guess they could make it so that everytime you choose to dual wield, you get an aiming reticule without having to aim. And when you want to stop dual wielding, and, say, focus on something, you just quit dual wield. That’d work and it’d feel right. Only reason for dual wield is for shooting anyway so it wouldn’t hurt if the aiming reticule would sit there in the center of the screen while the guns are out. Want it gone? Put away the guns.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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5 hours ago, wehweh01 said:

Isn't that what tapping left on the dpad is for? Never tested it but it does a kind of shoulder switch whenever you tap left on the dpad.

but that's just the camera, switching sides, isn't it?

that shoulder swap. btw at times also altered the angular/aim for me, as it moved a little to the left and back to the right, it shouldn't do that I think. maybe my eyes are bad, but I think I saw that happen at least twice

Edited by BUT THE BENZ
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I got an idea. What if we just had dual wield passive ability.
When equipped

I don't know how to edit my post I hit reply too early.

I was thinking we had a passive ability when equipped we can now fire the left gun with the left trigger and the right gun with the right trigger.

At the cost of aiming down the sights.

Upgrades could possibly include increasing hip fire accuracy while dual wielding.

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Or maybe when aiming with L2/LT you can fire with left with R1/RB and right with R2/RT ? Or is that not practical? 

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