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How I would have done the Ending. [[Spoilers!!!!!!]]

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Wel, I'm in Prologue 2 now.  I've had the game since the night of it's release but I tend to take my time doing side stuff rather than pushing thru the story-even at that I have a ton of things to do but the wife bought me a PS4 Pro with RDR2 for Christmas so I'm using the Xbone to finish up the game then I will use it for off-time things like hunting and such-heck I still have a save file from RDR1 I play occaisionally for playing cards and hunting, same with AC Black Flag when I feel like sailing and ship battles.


The ending was well done for RDR2-at least Arthurs part tho I am disappointed they killed another main charqacter.


Months before it's release but after we knew about Arthur I postulated they would not kill off a second character like they did with John.  Guess I was wrong but it makes for a bit of a Loop in storytelling killing off all your main characters-not really a good things to constantly do.


My ending would have followed the lines of the gang disentigrating-everyone taking sides similar to how this one ended, however, Arthur would have gotten John, Abby and Jack away  [[as he did]] then he and Sadie or Mary Beth would have simply disappeared and we would pick up with John and Abbey-I like the way they have done the whole buying of Beechers Hope and building the ranch thing.


Not quite done but am guessing it ends with John being taken into custody, Abbey and Jack getting taken and  the scene with John and the Law stepping off the boat in Blackwater-same scene starting RDR1-don't spoil it as I will be there to see for self in a day or so depending on my play time.


Fade to Black at that point.


Then it would open at Beechers Hope-Jack and Abbey still there and grieving, maybe Jack standing by his dad's grave and a lone figure on horseback rides up-Arthur.


Maybe ?abbey is dead too by then-Cholera or grieved self to death.  Was not a lot of time between John and her dying to Jack becoming the high-pitched girly boy Gunslinger.  Knowing how much of a pussy he was before John died there is zero chance he developed those skills by self so Arthur shows up and teaches him, rides off warning him several ties to not follow that path but he has the skills to keep self alive at least.


The next and final scene would be the one straight from RDR1 showing him at the graves, putting his hat on and riding off.


I like it anyway.

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